Thursday, 27 May 2010

Windy pops

Tuesday's Commute

Didn't cycle in on Monday as I had a problem with Jamis from Sunday. Every time I pressed the left pedal/crank I got an awful grinding sound. Thought it was from the derailleur but the chainring was no where near so I guessed the bottom bracket but didn't have time to sort it so tried to do it on Tuesday morning. I regreased the BB but after a couple of miles of the commute the noise came back but not as loud but it was getting louder. I did the medium distance today, only 16miles due to lack of time again but only averaged 18.8mph due to crappy wind and loads of traffic and lots of stops. Bit of a crap ride.

Whilst at work I decided to have a play with the bike during a break as I always take my tools with me. I found lots of loose bolts, on the rear derailleur, crank arm and chainring and headset. Instantly my problem had been solved as the chainring was bending under the force of my left foot and hitting the front derailleur, every revolution. Bike felt miles better and rear shifting instantly improved. I could just tell there was something not right on Sunday. Wind slowed me down again on the way home, no matter which direction I headed. Just 10 miles as I had to get up early on Wedenesday to go Cadbury World! 18.2mph average.

Thursday's Ride

Weather was a little hit and miss, sunny spells followed by little showers so only managed to get out for a quickie ride. The only constant was the howling wind. Im competing in the Rossendale Triathlon next Sunday so wanted to see how much I had improved from last year so did the hardest part of the course, the beginning 8km. I put my swim time as a minute slower than last year so that I could start earlier but everyone else seems to have had the same idea and Ill be starting near the end again :( Need to remember not to stuff my face full Maccy's breakfast this time so I don't get a stitch all the way around the run.

Started off climbing Edenfield road and that was really hard work, full on head wind which tired the legs very quickly. This would simulate the condition I would be in after the 400m swim. Once at Marls pits it was about 7-8km of climbing so dug in. Started off with a tail but turned and got a cross for most of the rest of the way. There was a straight, long but steepish part where I had done around 6-7-8mph during the last time I rode it early last year but this year I was at 13-14-15mph. Diverted to Bacup instead of Crown point road and back into Rawtenstall and back up Edenfield road so I could have a bit of tail wind which didn't last long. Not a bad ride as it brightened up later on.

Found out the new outdoor cycle track at Ashton opens very shortly and there are some crit race series around the 15th June. Cat 3/4 cycle for 30mins + 5 laps so I hope to ride this as my first race.

Distance 43miles
Average 19.1mph
Ascent 3200ft


  1. I've just (as of today) started running again with the aim of doing my first triathlon.

    Can you recommend any sprint triathlons in a month or two?

  2. Near you, there is the Northwich Tri on 13th June - Sprint and New Mills Sprint on 27th June ( ) I can't recommend any as I've only done one myself but theres the NW Tri on 5th Sept I heard is a good one as a friend did the Cheshire one last week (same course). I think the best one is the one Im doing on 6th June Rossendale as its only £20 or £25, you get a nice trophy and a cycling jersey and food is really cheap at the end.

  3. Where abouts is this cycle track?