Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Boring Training

After the super high from Sunday, training just seems a triviality and it's difficult to motivate myself to push hard. Monday and Tuesday I was going to cycle some miles but every time I found some spare time to go out it rained and I just dont do rain.

The gym is somewhere I tend to avoid these days as I think 2hrs in gym is equivalent to 1 on the bike and have been tempted to cancel my membership. Since Sunday I have eaten 4 big bags of m and m's, revels, minstrels and aero bubbles so desperately needed to work off the excess to avoid putting on weight.

The exercise bike was first and went for a P.B for the 1o mile TT. I went hard from the start but since I wasn't warm it took a while to get going fully but once I had, I was keeping around the 29-30mph mark. Finished in a time of 20 mins 30 seconds which thrashed my previous best of 21.46 and averaged 280 watts.

Straight after was the rowing machine, no time for a rest. 5000m. I started off feeling smashing averaging 1.53/500m for a couple of minutes very easily but then I deteriorated quickly and was grimacing every pull. Only 5 minutes had gone and I needed to change technique to a longer, harder pull to give me time to get my breath back. I was going about 1.56/500m for the rest of the way, the last 1000m, being especially tough. I didn't have enough energy for a final sprint at the end but still managed to put in a PB time of 19 mins 12 seconds. Previous best was 19mins 29 secs.

After 20 mins recovery I went swimming with Rochdale Tri club and had every intention of taking it super easy. Unfortunately some fast lady had joined us who is racing in a Masters series next month and set a blazing pace. 20 lengths warmup, not that I needed warming up, 4x100m, 2x200m, 1x 400m, 8 x 50m, 16x25m (8 of them butterfly) and with very little resting time between each set. . For the 400m we did 5 mins 20 secs and I did that in my Triathlon on Sunday, that's how fast we were going. 120 hard lengths later and I was relieved to hit the shower, still able to walk.

Preparation begins now for Rochdale Tri Club's inaugural triathlon, The Cowm Clash on 20th June. I have entered as a relay team but Ill be doing 2 disciplines, the 1.6km swim, open water, and the super super super hilly 42km bike. I've chickened out of the 9.5km run.


  1. I was impressed with my stats at the gym until I saw yours :(

  2. I saw your row stats, took me 2 years to get as fast as your first go.