Thursday, 23 July 2009

Rest is good for you......apparently?

Well Tuesday I was going to do some core exercises and then swim with Tri club but I thought I would have a much needed rest. Wednesday and Thursday are going to be rest days too as I am working lates. I dont think my poor legs have recovered from the sprinting I did on Monday.

In the mean time I have been cleaning up my beauties ready for the weekend or when the weather brightens up which ever comes first. Full services are what my babies deserve and is what they get. I have been experimenting with seat tilt as I didn't think they could at first and also my seat post height as I'm sure my post is way too high. My legs are extremely short!! I think I might need an even smaller frame than SMALL next time? The top of the seat is still 5-10cms above the handle bars but I'm after a more aggressive position for when I do a few time trials later on in the year.

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