Sunday, 19 July 2009

Wetherby Audax

Just a quickie coz I really can't be bothered to type today. Arrived Fairburn church in good time to sign up. Since we were late entries I had to write down my OWN name, address and tel no. Where's the missus when I need her.....In BED! Mr.F came well prepared and had a map holder on his bike, didn't mean he could read a map though. We nearly turned back a few times as the weather was horrific which eventually turned to a relatively light drizzle and stopped at 10am then the odd shower. Ended up following a few of the tail enders for quite a lot of the way.
First stop at 20km was at Wetherby race track where we had to write on the Brevet card ' what sign is under the car park 4 sign' .... 'Trainers and owners only'.
Second stop after 40km was a cafe at some industrial park, got the Brevet cards stamped and headed off after having just a brew and half a buttie.
Course was quite flat around 600m climbing total however there were some short steep esctioned hills that caught us by surprise which Mr F managed more than adequately. Just before we were due to hit the transpenine trail to Selby a massive road flood suddenly appeared infront of us next to a canal. Apparently the pub owner next to it was supposed to tell us of a diversion but she f*ck78 off in the rain and some local directed us the long way around.
Found the transpenine trail eventually which was a mixture of tarmac 'good' and gravel/shale 'very bad' Steve and I braved the front of the peloton and pulled clear but I took a wrong turning and allowed the others to catch up. We ate another half a buttie at around 60km. Sign posted on the trail were distance markings to Jupiter and Neptune can't remember how many 000000000000's of miles but was a welcome distraction as it started to rain again. We followed an extremely slow group as the directions given were vague and this lot had a sherpa called 'sat nav'. Should have called him 'the sloth' At least I had time to soak up the gorgeous scenery, a luxury I don't usually find time for. I spend my time mostly looking at the floor avoiding the pot holes in our very well maintained raod network.
Third stop was a Morrisons 'WOOOHOOO' at 80km, now thats what Im talking about, where we HAD to buy something and get a receipt as proof of visitation for our brevet card. This is where dare devil Steve plucked up the confidence to go 'solo'. So we headed out on our own with at head wind for the last 20km travelling at 17-18mph instead of snail mph. We came to a 'junction'. Straight on ( right hand bend) left turn or another left turn just shy of the first left which looked straight. We were 'told' to go straight on but some how we came to the decision to turn the 2nd left and miraculously chose correct. Nice easy flat chug back to base and a well deserved brew, cake and rice pudding. ooooo they really spoil us in Yorkshire. Not bad for £4 all in.

Steve not happy with the speed but couldn't be helped as directions were poor/fair. ( too many for and a4 sheet) I really enjoyed the ride for my first Audax/orienteering ride and will hopefully do a longer one soon. Nice clean bike turned to a mud soaked wreck. 'Vanquish' performed admirably in the trecherous conditions (very smooth and quick gearing,absorbed the road shock brilliantly and coped with some some god damn awful terrain considering the wheel and tyre choice) although a full service before every ride is getting a bit tiresome.

Distance 100km
Time 4hrs 20mins
Av Sp 13.8mph :(

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  1. Sounds like it was an interesting day, what with the rain, floods, interesting directions and Mr F beating you up the hills!

    Some Audaxes are really good value for money, others aren't that great.

    One day I'll get out there on one of them.