Thursday, 16 July 2009

Killer week cont.....

As I am planning a good and proper rest week next week due to working lates I decided to carry on my torture, I mean training. A bike ride was first and I took 'Jamis' with me as I was planning on a fairly hilly ride and she was already prepped to go. Today I was going to Burnley. I have seen signs directing me where to go and if worse comes to worse I could follow the same way home although I like to get back using a different route. Not even sure what the distance would be. The sky looked like it was clearing nicely and the sun was trying to break through. All I took was some money, inner tube, tyre thingies and mobile, no pump as I lost it and have one on order from e-bay. My schwalbe stelvio tyres seem to deflect all sorts of shite and was confident I wouldn't need a pump.

Went through Castleton, up Roch valley way ( nice climb), to Whitworth via Whitworth Rd and into Stacksteads. I took a very undulating route past Fearns High school and my old school, BRGS and descended to join Burnley road East. I was going to go up to Crown Point to have a piss as I was desperate but the road was closed off so took next turn to Bacup Rd. A superb descent onto Todmorden rd and into Burnley followed. I should hope so after all that climbing from Whitworth. Turned right at Turd Moor (I'm sure I spelt that right) on to Harry potts way and Brunshaw rd. A couple of 20% climbs didn't seem to bother me too much ( sure it was more that 20% as map my ride doesn't go higher I don't think, It felt worse than 20%) Down red Lees road past lots of little towns/villages I have never heard of before (CLiviger, Mereclough,Holme Chapel Cornholme and Lydgate) then to Todmorden. I stopped off before Tod to relieve myself. Really bad head winds hit me all the way from Burnley back home. I stoped at Walsden Gorden Riggs garden centre for a spam butty and headed home the usual way. The road I sometimes dont pedal down to Littleborough as it is a nice drop was so windy I ended up pedalling all the way down. I was at 16.9 mph average for such a long time and just about managed 17 mph 15 mins home. Not many cyclists on the road today.

I did about 51 miles in 2hrs 50 ish @ 17mph average.

map of route :

Went to bed at 4pm after a jumbo cod and chips from Armstrongs just past Heaton Park. I needed energy for later on.

Circuit training was next at 8pm at Middleton Arena. Quick jog for warm up and straight to main set, a mixture of relatively light weights, shuttle runs, lunges, crunches, pressups, situps, tricep dips and loads more. Quick drink then star jumps for a few minutes then back to the circuit.

I joined Rochdale Tri club for swimming, downstairs, at 9pm. I was so glad to see that we were doing sprints tonight as I find that the easiest to recover from inbetween sets. 20 lenghts warm up the 6 x 50 concentrating on stroke technique. Main set was 8 x50m 60 secs rest, 6 x 50m 55 secs rest, 4x 50m 50 secs rest, 2x50m 45 secs rest then 1 x 50m 40 secs rest then 4 lengths active recovery. To finish was 20 x 25m sprints with no push off and a quick warm down.

Absolutely shattered now, but managed to make my self soya beans and rice and tuna before bed to aid recovery. I felt I had a good and productive day. If weather changes and is actually nice for 2moz I have footie at Heaton Park.

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  1. Sounds a nice hilly ride. You should get that route sorted with a one-click link rather than making us poor peeps copy and paste ;oP

    i think mapmyride does go higher than a 20% grad, but I haven't come across a road that's that steep yet!