Monday, 20 July 2009


I was very tired after last week and this was supposed to be my rest week as I was on lates but ended up earlies for mon/tues & lates wed/thurs so I thought I had better do some running as I hadn't done any for a bit.

I met Middleton Harriers at Heaton Park at 7pm (sheepfoot lane) and had a warm up jog to just below the big grassy bit beneath Heaton Hall. Today was sprint/interval day. Any running day is bad! Our 'leader' Derek , had a 'great' idea of doing a 'pyramid' 200m sprint, 200m recover jog. 500m sprint, 500m recover jog. 1km sprint, 5 min walk/jog and then 1mile sprint x2 with 7 min recover jog/walk and back to 1km....500m and 200m.

That was the hour up. My knee help up quite well as I used a general neoprene tubular thing instead of my 'misplaced' cho-pat one which eases pressure on my tendons/ligaments above and below knee cap. It. was warm and sunny and I was breathless for quite a lot of it but I ended up getting a stitch after the first 1km and struggled to the end. I tended to ease up for the first part then sprint at the end of each set as my stitch only occurs if I run at a fast pace then takes ages to disappear. I need to go running about twice a week but work commitments make it difficult and progress at the moment is very slow or it seems to be. I will stick at it until I get another bad injury I guess.

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