Thursday, 16 July 2009

Boring Training.....


Today is usually my run day with Middleton Harriers. We meet up at Middleton Arena at 7pm and run for around an hour. Only myself and 2 others turned up as they had a competition on up Tandle Hill somewhere but one of the 'leaders' was supposed to run with us anyway. We waited 'til 19.10 and no one else appeared so the other 2 went off on a run and I decided to do 2 spinning sessions in the gym. I was quite glad actually as I had mis-placed my knee support and was going to run with the slower lot. I hadn't done a spinning session for months either.

I had expected it to be full ( I hadn't pre booked) but managed to get a bike which was already set up exactly how I have it. Started with a warm up slowly incresing the resistance, then a simulated hill climb. Next was some 'jumps' which is really interval training. 10 beat rest, 4 beat build up and 10 beat sprint x 10 all do some dodgy dance music. Then we had a songs worth of 'recovery' at a good pace and medium resistance and some more sprints this time 8 beat rest 8 beat sprint, 4beat rest 4 beat sprint and alot of 2 beat rest and 2 beat sprint. Another hill climb and warm down/stretches and we were done for seesion 1(7.15-8.00 45 mins) . Next session was due to start at 8.15pm so I just pedalled for 15mins at a good pace.

I was sweating like mad already and drenched so got some paper towel to wipe the floor with! as a big puddle had started to appear beneath me. Usually the last session in absolutely dead. All bikes were taken by 8.10 and the 'teacher' decided to do a roll call as some more had turned up who had paid (mine is a monthly membership). Two riders left immediately probably to avoid embarassment. Since I was used to embarassing myself on many an occasion I stayed to see what would happen. In the end no bikes left but 1 rider needing to get on so I volunteer to go. I was sternly told to stay where I was as our 'teacher' gave up her bike. She likes to take it easy. Session 2 started and was virtually the same as above. (8.15-9.00 45 mins)

Swimming was next. I looked down from the spin room and could see the life guards putting out the ropes. I darted down stairs to get changed and get my self a lane. It was very quiet as usual and my Irish mate was already swimming in the top lane. I'm sure he is a member of Rochdale Tri club. I went in the lane next to him. I went at quite a fast pace even though I wasn't feeling too great and ended up doing 3km (120 lengths) in around 47 mins. I'd usuallygo for 3.5km but started a little late as a swimming club won't let the guards put the lane ropes in earlier. Went home and had a big fat curry and naan in preparation for a super session tomorrow. Got a phone call from Steve F (Middleton CC and Rochdale Tri) saying he'd managed to get us a late entry into an Audax at Wetherby this Sunday.

weight : 72.6kgs


Couldn't be bothered running on Monday and really didn't want to do much today but I managed to drag my self to the pool and train with Rochdale Tri club. 20 lengths warm up was followed by interval training. 100m flat out 20 seconds rest, 50m active recovery 10 seconds rest x 15. A couple of 100m individual medleys (I.M'S) for warm down. Quite enjoyed this session and seem to remove any lethargy I possessed from sunday's gruelling ride.

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  1. Ah yes, would that be the 100 or 200 at Wetherby? Steve has taken his time trying to sort that out hasn't he?!