Saturday, 19 March 2011

Missed the sunshine

Thursday night I swam with tri club and boy did it hurt. Not usually my style but I had to draft the 3 guys ahead of me and I was still struggling. Maybe this is the turning point and I might actually swim a bit more regularly.

More commuting today. Set off around 8am and it was very cold and overcast. Took me ages to warm up, even had my ski gloves on and balaclava! Still unable to climb how I would like to due to no power being available so my speed was all cadence today. Going well at 19.7mph average until I got near the centre of Manchester. Traffic had built up so missed my turn off and carried on down Deansgate but the road I needed was closed off due to bridge repairs from Food Court Arndale to Marks so I headed into unknown territory stopping at every set of lights and my average plummeted. At least I got to see the sun for 5 mins.  The end of the speed graph will give me nightmares tonight.

On the way home I had a bit of bad luck and had a slow puncture in the front wheel which held but also had one in the rear which  went on me a mile or so in. Cue average plummeting from 18.8mph to 18.0mph as the timer kept on starting and stopping as I moved the bike to the pavement. Changed it nice and quick and was off again.
Before I set off I had 4 chocolate bars some jelly tots and 2 big macs. My legs were good, not great but I could climb a little bit again. The difference gave me some enthusiasm  to get a good time but decided I wouldn't push too hard but keep the cadence high. Happy with the end result. Even though it was cold I didn't feel it as much as this morning which was supposed to be warmer.

To Work     Distance 20miles     Av Sp 19.6mph (not including last 2 miles)

To Home     Distance 20miles     Av Sp 19.2mph

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