Saturday, 19 March 2011

Going well

Same old, same old. Same route, mileage and unrecovered legs. Since my interval session on Sunday with a dodgy wheel I've not been anywhere near 100% and when climbing it feels like Im being pushed back. There's a nice climb where in Autumn last year I would be disappointed if I dropped below 15mph and regularly hit 16-18mph. These days its more like 12mph. I am 6 kilos heavier though!!I can't see that making that much difference as Im sure my power has gone up. The position I have deffo seems to give me the consistency I've been craving as I haven't totally blown up yet. The air feels thick again today but managed a good 20mph average going to work.

On the way back the sun had disappeared and a chill descended very quickly. The air was quite still and put a series of road blocks along my way home. It gives that strange feeling of going downhill whilst at 10mph but using miles more effort. A bit more colder and I think my muscles would have given up. Nevertheless I was quite fast without actually believing that I was. I was thinking of pushing it but was going to ride on Sunday and any extra effort would have been fruitless  in those conditions. Don't think I will ride on Sunday now as it looks like it could rain all day so will use it as a rest day and see if I can recover. Really wanted to hit the TT bike too as I have further tweaked my position and I think even Graeme Obree would be proud of it.

To Work     Distance 20miles     Av Sp 20.0mph

To Home     Distance 20miles     Av Sp 18.9mph

That concludes the weeks commuting and although I'm not doing the distances I would like to due to time and family constraints I would say I'm using what time I do have quite productively and effectively.

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