Wednesday, 2 March 2011

'Not looking forward to rest of the week...'

Were my last words from the previous post. Well I didn't think my very next ride would cause a few problems. The past couple of days riding have seen me pushing myself to the limit and it was only a matter of time until I had a very bad ride. When I awoke I could just tell it wasn't going to  be my day however the beaming sunshine persuaded me to give it a go. Usual NE wind we've seen all week, no help whatsoever. If you look at the speed graphs for my commutes to work there are spikes and ups and downs all over the show but going home the line tends to be fairly level for virtually the same route but backwards and uphill! It's just annoying me. The route to work looks harder going downhill than the return trip according to the graphs. Plodded to work, couldn't even spin the pedals fast, glad that was over.

Wasn't looking forward to cycling home and constantly was thinking of it for 8hrs whilst at work. I had a plan of taking it easy and doing the full 20 miles and just forget about my average speed for a change. I must have recovered quite well as even though I never really got out of breath my pace was good. I was feeling better and better but restricted the effort I was putting in, just enough to keep warm, keep the chill away and save energy for rest of week.. It was cold!

To Work    Distance 20 miles    Av Sp 18.1mph

To Home    Distance 20miles    Av Sp 18.3mph

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