Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Super Legs!

The last commute of the previous week was on Wednesday. Going to work was fine but couldn't find the energy to get home nevermind do 20 miles. Mind numbing number of stops at lights. It was -2/-3 on the cycle home and I couldn't move.

To Work  Distance 21 miles    Av Sp  19.0 mph

To Home  Distance 10miles     Av Sp 15.8mph

So I took Thursday off as well as Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday and stuffed myself silly. Soooo tired just couldn't bring myself to straddle Jamis at all. Tueday came and it would be the last day of glorious sunshine for a while so had to get out. Blustery swirly shitty wind SW 15mph. A quick 40miles turned into a much longer ride as I was in excellent shape for a change. A good amount of climbing but again millions of stops at lights would have put average down a bit. 50 miles passed and I was still going strong but I knew it was all up hill from Manchester and to keep my average high I would have to put loads of effort for the last 20 miles. I had nothing to eat the whole ride and about 500ml of Ribena. If it wasn't for an uphill sprint to pass a slow lorry at mile 55 ish and the last 20miles murdering myself, 100miles would have been a cinch today. It was getting late and colder so I finished at the 70miles. Probably my best ride since I started cycling, average wise apart from my 150miler to Wales and back

Distance  70miles     Average Sp  19.1mph

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