Monday, 14 March 2011

More days off :(

My last cycle on the Tuesday when I averaged 19.1mph for 70 miles, on the hills I was getting blown all over which doesn't happen alot. THe rest of the week saw 20mph winds with regular super gusts and the clouds never seemed to make their mind up wether to drop their load or not. Didn't commute once last week!

Sunday - Brightened up nicely as the day went on so with the thought of needing to make up for last week off I went ...on a mission. I was putting a lot of effort in but not getting anywhere. Well I started off doing an average of 22mph for the first few miles then it plummeted to 18mph due to constant stopping and starting and the swirly wind. I wanted to turn around after 10 miles but figured I'd do 50miles then call it a day. I got my wish in Littleborough when a spoke on the front of my Bontrager race xxx lite wheel snapped at the nipple. Grrrr. I wrapped it around the spoke next to it and opened up my brakes to stop rubbing then limped home. Maybe I shouldn't use such a wheel set for my winter riding :P

 I thought I'd get the two wheels rebuilt with some nice new spokes and nipples since they have been ridden on for 4 years but no one does any good and cheap straight pull ones! Dt swiss Rev were 0.7 euros each and would have been perfect but only in j bend. NEED IDEAS!

As the trip back home progressed I got more confident in my metal work repair so did lots of sprints and hard ones at that. Got home and didn't feel like I had been out.

Distance 20 miles  Average 19.mph

MONDAY - commute

Arghghghhh Didn't think a few poxy sprints on Sunday would kill my legs. The icey cold morning was a big hindrance too. Actually managed the odd sprint to work but other wise I crawled and can't believe I rode that fast.
Back home was similar but the wind was all over the show. Theres a swirly wind going anticlockwise in the middle of the country so ESE wind by the time it got to Manc land and this swirl is being pushed NE by some annoying git upstairs which results in brick walls being thrown everywhere. If you stand still you can't feel much wind even though its 11mph but as soon as you do 1mph its right in your face Not nice. Feel of 1 degree, felt colder.

To Work     Distance 20 miles    Av Sp 18.7mph ( not as many stops but moving av affected badly)

To Home     Distance 20miles     Av Sp 18.4mph ( lots of stops but didn't affect my moving av?)

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  1. Wills Wheels in Stockport, if they cant fix them then nobody can ;-)