Thursday, 29 April 2010

Wednesday recovery commute

Very quick one to show the total contrast with my commute to work and then my commute home.

The was a mega blustery southerly-ish wind which got right in front of me. When I woke up around lunch time I could barely get out of bed as if my legs had totally given up. This combination didn't bode well for my average speeds. Downhill more or less all the way I managed a measley 15mph!! This put me in a bad mood all day and kept thinking to myself 'how many rest days should I take this week?' 'I should have taken the car' 'What would happen if I dont ride Sunday?'

ROUTE Before I set off for home I moved my saddle forward and tilted the seat down a little as my backside was a little tender. I was hoping the wind would be as strong as it was earlier on but at half past midnight it had died down to a trickle but it was still there to give a little helping hand especially on Oldham Road. What was funny about this ride was that no matter how hard I tried, especially on the steeper sections, I didn't get any unfavourable response from the legs,knees or calves. If it wasn't for me running out of breath I could have gone even faster. This was more like it! Now I didn't plan the route in advance I just took a different way home for a change and coincidentally its 10miles, all uphill, give or take.

Distance 10miles
Average speed 20.1mph
Ascent 600ft

Bet its a long time before I do that again?

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  1. Measly 15mph - Pffft.
    I don't get that on a good day!