Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Dull and Dutiful

Monday/Tuesday I cycled to work, extending my usual distance due to the sunny spells we were experiencing. Did about 3hrs but couldn't measure speed or distance due to forgetting to put magnet back on wheel.


All I wanted today was a nice, quiet,enjoyable, flat recovery ride around Cheshire somewhere which the first 15 or so miles were so full of promise.

Met at Pantani's and as usual he wasn't ready, screwing around with his wheels whilst juggling breakfast and making the brews. eventually we got out of the door about an hour later than planned, really there was no plan just the short brief above.

We tried to head in the direction of a tail wind but it didn't last long and neither did the flat bits of the ride. To be fair I did request going up the Cat and Fiddle but didn't realise what to expect as I heard rumours it was a gentle climb. Grads of double figures isn't gentle nor combined with cross head winds which insist on pummelling you into the ground for a submission. The wind direction was a pain in the arse too as Im sure it kept switching from E to N to W and back to N and E. I waited a couple of miles up for Pete, for what felt like ages and when we set off again I noticed 2 roadies on the prowl. I stopped chatting and put some distance between all 3 of us. Pete was gobbled up very quickly whilst they passed me when I stopped to see the Peak View cafe was closed after speaking to a very nice elderly couple. I wanted to hunt roadies but Pete wanted to stuff his face.

Stopped at Cat and fiddle pub as Peak View was closed and had a BLT and coffee as Pete was struggling. More work and less f^&*ing about I say, Pete! THe day was going very very slowly and my average hit a low of 15.3mph, didn't help having to wait for hours at the top of each climb. To Buxton and Long hill then the worst slog home I have endured. It wasn't pretty. I stood up most of the way home even though Id feel the full effect of the wind, it made me feel better. I did practice standing up, hard efforts on the drops for the aero effect.

Missus said it had been gorgeous all day in Manchester whilst every where we went it was dull and overcast with a hint of rain. Crap ride and can't believe we did just under 80 miles.

Distance 78 miles
Average Sp 16.1mph
Ascent 5600ft

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