Saturday, 10 April 2010

A bit of TT training

The last few days of this week I have used to train specifically for a 10 mile TT. Adjusted seat further forward, post higher and tried to adapt position as I think getting a great position is half the battle or even 75%. So on the first trip to work I noticed I was pedalling at a lower cadence but putting more power down. I think a trick with TTing is the seat height as to get the most power you have to be virtually standing so you are balancing on the tip of the saddle and at the bottom of the pedalling motion your leg is stretched, but not over, and puts the leg in a more natural position to pull up.

Thursday I managed 20.3mph with 3 traffic light stops at 3am! Good going but I was really going hard and it takes it out of you for the rest of the day.
Trip home was a more sedate affair but 17.2mph wasn't bad.

Friday morning I felt terrible, I think 2 hrs sleep solved that riddle and I rode an 18.6mph average into work. The journey home I took a little diversion and rode 13 miles as hard as I could and as its 'all uphill' it was a killer.

Average was 20.3mph.
Ascent was over 800ft.

I'd say that was good going but the knee was aching and my backside too from all the bouncing with the seat post a little too high.

Saturday's early morning commute was as difficult as Friday's but I went to bed 6pm the night before and managed a good 8hrs but my legs were still aching from last Sunday and Tuesday. Completed the trip with average of 19mph.

The return leg was going to be a longer TT as fast as possible. Wasn't sure of the route until I set off so I eventually chose the road to Bury, towards Ramsbottom, up some long climb Holcombe? then through Haslingdon and Edenfield and back home.

Average Speed 18.8mph
Ascent ~3000ft
Distance 40 miles

I hadn't done most of this route before so made a nice change. I can't believe the average either as there were some big climbs especially on the road to Holcombe where I over took a roadie but I did go as hard as I could with a little in reserve just in case. Excess energy was depleted on the final sprint home.

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