Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Rejuvenated Pantani

On Saturday, Pete had boasted of doing about 130 flattish miles with an average of over 16mph. Now having previously rode with him recently I didn't believe this to be possible as he couldn't even get that on a ride half as long. I decided to test him to see how far he really had come.

I wanted to ride through Ramsbottom and find the really nice climb I went up last week coming home from work but I took a series of wrong turnings and somehow ended up in Accrington. Neither of us had been here before so it wasn't a total failure and its also probably the most direct and definitley quickest way to Clitheroe for future reference. Wind was all over the show again and I was struggling badly after yesterdays ride. I shamefully clung on to Pantani's wheel for dear life as, whilst sitting down, my legs felt like jelly and there was nothing going towards the pedals. From Todmorden, however, I found out that if I stood up I felt miles better, putting loads of power down, but had to control the length of time in and out of the saddle to get maximum effect. This new found lease of life shook Pete up a bit and I started to pull away when he least expected it and I ended up having to wait for him a few times after some climbs. He likes to lead and puts in way more effort when he does so when I got ahead on climbs he drifts back at an alarming rate.

We spent a lot of time messing about in Accrington centre looking for toilets and trying to find a way home, also lots of temporary traffic lights about and general traffic at 4pm so our final average was quite a good one.

Average Speed 16.2mph
Distance 56miles
Ascent 4000ft

I was on Scottie today and she looked very sexy. Im going to have to put up a new photo of her. I ordered a new adjustable stem for her too as I think its having a massive effect on my times. Pete is going great at the moment, improving day by day. Can tell he is putting the miles in unlike a couple of months ago. Hopefully out on bike Tuesday too but that 300mile total is out of reach. Maybe next long weekend when I have better weather.

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