Saturday, 17 April 2010

Extended commutes

Just a quickie and as the sun has got his hat on I have been taking a long way into work. Still very windy out there and I've learned to kinda ignore it instead of worrying about it slowing me down too much.

Friday - 17 miles worth with an average of 20.4mph. Way too many traffic light stops on Oldham road and the roads are pretty hectic. Wind was tailing on tuesday or was it monday but today it was a cross wind. Wasn't feeling good so couldn't push as hard as I wanted, the legs just moaned and cried. Some nob head driver turned right, infront of me, and I managed to react and turn the corner with him but I didn't want to go that way! I heard his passengers 'gasp' loudly then shout at the driver so a little justice done.
Cycle home at midnight was a nice ride for a change. Not as blustery as usual, slight head wind but averaged 18.9mph for 7.5miles. I should hope so too as I went through the pain barrier to get that. Target of 20mph for hilly ride home is very achievable in the next 3 months I think.

Saturday - Another 17 miles, same route as Friday but the difference is that the wind was in the totally opposite direction to the beginning of the week. I had a tailwind up and down Victoria Av towards Oldham, woohoo, but on Broadway and Oldham road it went to a Cross then a full on Head wind, booooo. Stopped at all the lights again and was upset at the 20.1mph average, though not all my fault.

Definitely getting stronger as the week is getting on which is highly strange but good news as I have the Middleton Cycling club Track Championships on Sunday. Still debating wether to turn up or not, if I do I will go swimming with Tri club as I've not been for a week and half.

The past month or so, coincidentally since the supermarkets started selling cheapo easter eggs, I have been eating lots of sugary foods and I mean lots! I suppose you can count Mcdonalds as a sugary food too. After my ride on Sunday I had 2 Bigmac meals then straight away went to the mother in laws for a full roast then 4 hrs after, a massive stir fry. That was one of the good days! I haven't weighed myself for ages either as I am too scared to see what it displays and Im fed up of limiting myself. If I dont eat loads my performance drops too. I will weigh myself next week just to see what effect it has had the last month. I feel my flat speed is improving lots but my hill speed slowing a little, must have put a few pounds on.

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