Thursday, 8 April 2010

Muscle Soreness

When I apologised to my legs last week for putting them through intense pain, I guess I didn't mean it and proceeded to repeat the feat the very next week. The thighs were very tender and the vastus medialis was 'stinging' for days after. That area doesn't normally hurt but I have been told the longer stem I used can change the way you climb and help put more effort in/use slightly different muscle groups/more efficient but unusual position. Could also be that I hadn't ridden for a week.

I used Monday as rest day but played footie on Tuesday, knees still aching. That finished at 7pm and I was up for work at 3am the next day where I cycled to work.' Doms' hadn't kicked in by then so was able to put quite a hard effort in, breaking my record for average speed into work at exactly 21mph for 7.5miles. This time though I didn't stop at a single traffic light which would have had a big impact.
The ride home was a different story as I could barely walk. With a head wind I still managed an extremely respectable 17mph - all up hill more or less. In fact that is close to impressive. Yes, I am impressed.

I had planned to run with the Tri club at the track on Wednesday but there was no way I could. Even though I got up early enough to cycle in on Thursday morning I couldn't have turned the pedals more than one revolution and the temperature was 0 degrees! I went to the track wed to drop off the Fulcrum racing zeros which Lee was grateful to receive them in one piece. Not tried out the Dura Ace ones yet.

Sorry to Redbikes, I finally got round to repairing the many innertubes thrown in the corner of my room and found the PARK super patches are exactly that. I've done a few rides on mended tubes including a latex one and they are holding solid. They come in a tiny box, only six of them for £2, are translusent, stick with 'no gaps' if the tube is prepared well and can mould around any imperfections ie rubber seams.

Its fast approaching timetrial season and hope to better my turnout from last year when I completed one measly TT. That was run by PETTS in Preston and only managed 27 mins 08 secs. I had only been riding my bike a few months though.The goal for 2010 year is 23mins. Pantani got a 25mins last year at a fast course in Levens so I think it is feasable.


  1. 23mins, owch thats moving. I don't think I got under 25mins last year. Then again I didn't do many.

  2. I was wondering how realistic my target would be I have nothing to measure my current form against. Ill do a couple and re assess if need be. That's if I do more than 1 this year.