Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Beaten by Pantani!


Pete was up for another ride today, this time to Blackpool a quick way, around 55 miles. I was unable to do the whole lot as I had to be back relatively early so said I'd join in to Preston-ish and back giving as much encouragement as possible :P. Donning my Rochdale Tri Club gear I met at Pantani's and set of minutes later ( made a change) into the lovely day ahead of us.

Pete led the way as I was unsure of the route and he was unable to make full use of the cross- tailwind we had. SouthSouth Easterly wind today ( - as in originates from the South and not blowing South for those not in the know). I was feeling much better than yesterday and was trying to push Pantani but he had lots more miles to do than me, sensibly stuck to his guns and actually listened to what I advised a few months ago....to keep his cadence as high as possible on his longer rides.

BELmont road was the first big climb. The whole road lasts for about 15 miles and the road surface and views are fantastic. What made it more amazing was the force of the wind pushing us up it, at one point I was doing 35mph slightly up hill. The Picture above is taken just before the road descends towards Preston and is showing the wind direction. Its so rare to have a full on tail wind we had to catch it on film! I just wanted to see how aero my position was too on the hoods too.

After over 30 miles I left Pete at the Preston/Blackburn turn off, he went towards Preston and I, towards Blackburn. Wasn't sure where to go exactly but I saw signs for Haslingdon, which Im familiar with. Haslingdon road took me to Haslingdon (hmm) and I wasn't expecting the big climb - not been this way before. Found my rhythm fairly quickly and started to enjoy it more and more. The more I did the stronger my legs were feeling and thought I might as well carry on instead of going the quick way home via Edenfield. I hit another of my favourite climbs, bacup/tod rd and thats where the fun began. There was an energy zapping cross-head wind from Blackburn but as soon as I went past Tod to Littleborough and back home there was an almighty hurricane style wind :) sending me back to where I came from. Luckily there's a lot of downhill parts so wasn't as bad as it could have been and I managed to power through it.

That completed a great weekends work of cycling for myself and Pete, who has impressed me ride after ride. I think I missed my 200mile total by about 0.6 miles in 3 days. Pete completed 300miles in 3 days.....the %^&%^, well done to him with an average of just under 16mph.

Distance 75miles
Average 17.4mph
Acsent 5000ft.

Went swimming afterwards too 7-8pm with Tri Club and did a lot of pull bouy work to take the emphasis away from the legs. Still felt strong in the water, considering what I did earlier. Approx 90 lengths and lots of chatting.

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