Sunday, 27 September 2009

Solo - Group Sunday ride

I love Sundays and this this one would be no exception as its bike riding day!! Wooohooo. I'm always out early on Sunday to avoid traffic and the air is usually calmer. Out of the house at 6.32am and I had flashing fluorescent bands round my legs, the altura night viz jacket, very good front led and rear leds, compression top, overshoes, long sleeved jersey, bib longs and cycling shorts oh and my bike. I think I was prepared for the worst? Was going on a solo ride then join the club at velodrome for another ride to Tatton park.

Humidity was very high must have been close to 100% It wasn't raining and I was getting drips of water on my helemt and plastic over shoes. I couldn't believe I wasn't the only cyclist on the road there were around 4 other serious roadies out and about. Wasn't sure how visible I would be in the dark but as soon as I saw road signs reflecting my front led from a long way a way any doubts disappeared. I was going to Holmfirth road and then up to holme Moss and back to velodrome via Woodhead, not too sure if I had time. The climb up Holmfirth rd decided my fate. It was like entering a whole new continent with a totally different climate. High swirly winds, lots of rain and worst of all FOG so visibility was down to 10-20metres. I carried on going until I thought there is no way I should as it looked like the conditions were getting dangerous and not sure if cars would see me. I turned around at the Meltham sign. I have never ridden in rain or dark before so decided to try my brakes. Oh oh, not a big reaction if any at all then my rear wheel kept sliding. Took it very easy on the descent then at the bottom suddenly everthing was perfectly clear again. The skies were lightening up, no rain and not a trace of fog. Went past Mossley and saw a tri club member, couldn't recognise who it was but saluted anyway and carried on my merry way. Very nice gentle downhill all the way to the velodrome, felt like it anyway and average went up to 16.9mph after a slow middle.

Arrived at the velodrome after 40 miles and 2hrs 20 mins ish and I was 30 mins early so headed into Maccy D's for a large coffee. Took it over to the velodrome steps, sat down , unzipped and realised how wet I was, VERY! Took a few layers off and froze for 15 mins whilst the others arrived. Met the guys and gals and couldn't wait to set off again to get my body warmed up. Links to Lost and Jobys write ups. I cannot be bothered to write my own, no dedication. I do like to read every one elses daily updates.

Did another 54miles, average under 14mph So thats 95 miles altogether. Couldn't be arsed to get another 5 in. What a day!! very eventful, super company and an unrepeatable experience.


  1. A 100 with Holme moss in the middle - Owch.

    I think you've just inspired me to buck up my ideas.

  2. Twas a great ride, and am mightly impressed at how easy you make hill climbing look!

    I've got a looooong way to catch up to you!!!

    Nice meeting you too

  3. Oh, and your bike was beautiful!!