Monday, 21 September 2009

Vanquish is back....the commute.

Woke a little earlier than planned to check on my tyre and it came as no surprise it was quite flat. Had a bit of toast and jam then set to work on changing the inner tube. It was another pinch flat where the pinches are exactly the same distance as the rim tape...again. Thought I had this one sussed. Might have to ebay the things and get some carbon specials :P Thing is I wouldn't mind too much if I could use normal £1 a piece inner tubes but I need the long valved things or the pump wont fit on and these feckers cost about a fiver.

Relatively new to this commuting malarky, I set off wearing full uniform with my trousers tucked into one of the pairs of socks I had onas my new gear hadn't arrived yet. It was a bit nippy and my long fingered gloves were still damp from the weekends activities, not a nice feeling at all. Initially I was going to take it easy but I was raring to take on any car that dared and made haste to Victoria train station. Traffic was a little bare at 7am, strange but all went well and I was a work in no time at all. What surprised me was my average speed at 19mph ( 7.3miles) . The last time I commuted I went full pelt and only managed 17.5mph ish but that was a month ago. I must pay more attention to my computer as I forget what it reads and I dont get an accurate statistic. Secured the bike well as I get lots of peeps looking at it on platform 3 at the station then got changed. My shirt was drenched. Could I find a dry spot, nope, soaking wet as well as Petes hi viz jacket he lent me. And I thought it was cold outside. Lucky I had spare uniform in my locker. I GOT MY CYCLING COMPUTER BACK a few weeks earlier believe it or not. Handed in at the booking on point. I had my eyes set on a nice garmin too :(

Ride home was great considering I just did a whole days work. Don't cha just love riding past all the gridlocked cars in rush hour? No punctures yet. I over took loads of mountain bikers going at 5 mph :) I sprinted home as a work out as I couldn't be arsed going to gym. Average this time was 16mph with lots of stopping fastest before this was about 15mph.

When I arrived home my stuff had come. Weeeeeee. Crud guards, overshoes, Altura Night viz jacket ( £24 wow) winter bib longs and rear lights as I have lost 3 sets already due to road vibration. Going have to commute more often so Im riding out 2moz too.

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  1. I've ended up with a washing line under my desk and a draw of spare clothing.

    Still seem to forget vital items of clothing every now and then. I could only find one shoe on Monday so I had to wear my cycling shoes all day!