Friday, 25 September 2009

Last day of MY week


Another bike to work day and it was dry but very nippy. Good job I had my new bib longs and windtex jacket to keep me warm. Its amazing how something so thin can protect against very cold conditions. The best things I have bought are the overshoes. No more frost bitten toes,they are waterproof just incase I get caught out and look fab. Just need something like that for my hands now.

On to the ride and I just wanted to go as fast as I could its just a shame traffic lights get in the way all the time. I always stop at the lights unlike some I know :) The bike didn't seem like she was going faster than yesterday but a quick look at the cycomp showed I was well up on the average. Morning traffic was well behaved and seem to give me a wide berth which I am always grateful for.
Dripping wet, I arrived at my destination with an average this time of 20.8mph 21.10mins. 7.3miles.

The ride home was going to be a little more leisurely as I had circuit training and spinning not long after I was to get home. There was a bit of a head wind too. A good thing about this week has been the lack of wind. Took a while to get out of the shudehill area due to all the buses stopping in undesignated areas but once away I strolled on the flats and sprinted up the hills.
Got home in under 25mins 17mph average 7.2 miles. I was very happy with that.

Circuit training was the usual stuff but started to get a little cramp on the runs and spinning was as productive as ever, sweating bucket loads and running to exhaustion on a hard resistance.

All in all I was more than pleased with how the week has turned out. I really didn't expect to ride to work every day and I have been restricting my diet to nothing in the morning, banana and plums later on and chicken and sausage from Gabbotts for a late lunch followed by more fruit as a snack before I went home then a proper meal . Bonk training results are amazing. Weight is now 70.6kgs so not lost too much but the fat is dropping off. I have a soft spot for jelly beans and that is the only thing that could ruin it for me. Long weekend off is upon me and Pete and I have lots of rides out planned, weather permitting.


  1. Body found in Shudhill bus station yesterday, so that will explain the buses!

  2. ahhh yes I had to read up on that after you mentioned it. A no17 ran someone over, surprised it wasn't my father in law who was driving. Hes ran over cyclists before!!!