Saturday, 26 September 2009

Brrrrr its cold!

Saturdays, well any day I like to lie in and have lots of sleep and since I haven't had much lately I thought I would skip the original plan of biking to the reservoir to have a swim. All my gear was ready and when my alarm clock went off I got out of bed to turn it off and had 2nd thoughts as I was out I will stay out. Now I have moved my alarm clock from my bedside table to the furthest point in the room so pressing snooze means I have to get up every time. So far its working and only pressed snooze once theis week. Trundled downstairs to get dressed as my gear was in the drier from the night before.

Set off on the easy ride to Whitworth and came across some members of the tri club on the way, we greeted each other but went on different routes. I was testing out my tri bars and I dont think they fancied taking me on :) It was a little cold this morning but my woolly bib longs and windtex jacket kept me toastie, probably too toastie as when I arrived at Cown reservoir I was soaking wet and I wasn't going to hard. Took my jacket and cycling shirt off to dry out leaving only my wet tri suit on but had to wait outside for what seemed like ages as the owner/manager didn't realise the last res swim was today and not last week!! So whilst we waited freezing our arses off we changed into our wet suits. 10 mins later I was about to zip myself up and realised the zipper was at the front and that I wasn't putting bib longs on. Hmmm had to take it off again and put in on the right way round. D'oh nice of the rest of the lads to tell me I shouted to them as they lay on the floor pissing themselves.

So hastily I put the wet suit on. Now because I was so cold already I didn't think I would feel the cold of the water but boy was I wrong. I was flapping away using as much energy to transfer as heat which took 10 mins before I reached a comfortable temperature and them went off to catch the others. I started a little quick so had to slow a little but managed to catch up about half way round 800metres ish. The suit wasn't on properly and the arms 'tugged' on each stroke. Zoomed off as I just wanted to get out of there. Finished way ahead of the others and had a shower. Clothes not dry yet so put them on anyway and paid for a well earned brew. There was a very good turn out considering the temperature but have loved every minute of the reservoir swims. Will definately get myself a wetsuit for next season. Some nice bikes about and took a little time out to have a nosey. Noticed most of them with spd-sl or look cleats so asked about them. I'm not too happy about the spd system as I can't fully utilise my pull stroke. It was general consensus that spd-sl/look were better at transfering power, something about being more positive? and made you feel more like a pro hmmm at the last one.

Left the gang early to get back home and although it was windy, but downhill I felt I was going at a very good speed. I couldn't time or get a speed as my tri bars took up all the bar space so I put the cy comp at the tip of the bars but the range must be poor so nothing registered.

Once on the net I figured I would need 2 sets of peddles and cleats as I only have one pair of shoes at the mo as the mtb ones broke - cheapo Lidl shit the screw plate broke and the screws went flying. I think the problem is easily sorted though as I think you can use the shimano plates the cleats come screwed on to when you buy a fresh blister pack. I threw all mine away as I didn't think they were needed for anything. Any ideas guys?
So I have thought about the new look keo 2 max for jamis and a pair of keo easy for the vanquish. No good deals on shoes yet so will wait for another pair. Could this be a waste of money though. I'd be saving a bit of weight too aparently. I was going to get some michelin pro race tyres but figured I might not benefit too much from them compared to my schwalbe stelvio race guard so money will go on pedals unless I can be persuaded otherwise.

Got both bikes ready for the MCC club ride 2 moz. If its wet its Vanquish. Hopefully I will get up early and go for a ride past/up Holmfirth rd before meeting the clubbies at the velodrome. I hope its the velodrome we are meeting at anyway?


  1. Nice to meet you today mate, hope the ride went well.

  2. I told you you where porky - look at the picture on the left!

    You look nothing like that now.

  3. I use SPD-SL's on the roadie, they are better than looks for the odd bit of walking!

    I would recommend that you leave your normal spd's on the vanquish though as they are better for commuting in traffic, I'm in the process of sorting a commuting bike out and spd's are going on it!

  4. Nice to meet you too gaz and jobs and chris. Heres to the next time we ride.

    I thought I looked alright in that piccy! hehe it was a while ago actually, didn't think I looked much different though.

    Pedals,pedals pedals. I just dont know now. Look ones are sooo light. I want to keep spd on vanquish but not sure if my mtb shoes are repairable.

  5. Winter riding isn't nice on shoes either so you need two pairs, a nice pair for the nice bike and one that you don't mind getting wrecked on the commuter!