Wednesday, 23 September 2009

More commuting madness


Nothing much to report. Couldn't be arsed to reset my cycle computer so no time averages or anything really. Was a little dark in the morning and should really have had a front light on but had my night vision jacket and rear light on. Also fitted the crud guards which seem to take me ages but I seem to have done a grand job and they have performed admirably. No noise, scrapes or problems with them. No incidents and a couple of mtb overtakes again.

Decided, even after a hard ride home that I'd go swimming with the tri club.Started off very strong but faded very badly even with the longer than usual rest period. 16 lengths warm up followed by 15x100m fast 2 min rest between sets. Finished off with 12 x 1length flat out sprints on 1 min. Had no energy for a warm down. Could tell that I hadn't swam for a while.


3 days in a row I will have commuted on my bikey and Vanquish feels loved once more. Reset the cy-comp as I was going for a record. Traffic was a little heavier as I set off later about 7.20am. I was really flying and everytime I got a good pace going without tiring myself out too much I came across some red lights. I stopped3 times this journey, not as many as usual. Got to Victoria station with an average of 20.1mph just under 22 mins the journey of 7.3 miles. Phew I was gasping and took me a while to get my thoughts together and to get myself out of my wet clothes. Route is here.

Way home I thought I'd set a record to get a proper time for it instead of a rough guestimate. Didn't start off well as I had to weave in and out of pedestrians and lots of buses. Shouted at a few as they really dont look where they are going, those pesky peds! Now its time for an incident of my own. Joby and Gaz cant have them all to themselves. Coming up to the lights at the junction of Miller street, corporation st and the bottom of shudehill? the lights were on green and I was shooting through, no traffic in front but a load of cars were coming from the opposite direction and turning to their right across my path so I slowed a little. Can you see whats coming? Some retard who never looked once just following the feckers infront of him turned as I crossed over the junction, I was headed straight on. I shouted as loud as I could and some how he managed to hear me, look and stop and missed me by millimetres! 'You fucking tosser, look whats coming next time, you fucking tosser' sorry I couldn't think of anything more imaginative at the time to scream. The driver looked well sheepish and a little shook up, and loads of pedestrians looked and asked if I was ok. Nice peds. Unfazed by it all I carried on as I had a recored to set. I passed 2 roadies, yay, but they were going slow as it was up a hill and hills are my forte. Traffic was building up at the junction with moston rd? so had to slow quite a bit and stop at the lights then had the first of my 'big' hills and more lights at the top. Didn't look what average I was doing along the way so just carried on as hard as I could. Took it easy down the big hill at Manchester old rd and tried to power up wood street but faltered towards the end after a strong start so had to stand and grind for a bit. Final average was 17.6 with some big but fairly short ascents thats 7.1miles in under 24min.

More commuting on bikey 2moz!

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