Sunday, 5 September 2010

Long TT bike ride

Rochdale Triathlon - Cown Clash


Planned ride with Pete the Pirate using my TT bike to get used to the position. I have found that using anything other than cheapo Lidl shorts, which have a very good pad, make the ride fairly uncomfy. The pad isn't too excessive and in exactly the right places unlike the Cannondale shorts I used. Muscle fatigue plays a part in the tt bike positioning and it felt awkward in places, due to tightness, unlike last time I rode.

Met at the round about o' DOOM without a  route in mind so headed up the usual Edenfield Rd which is going to be used for the Tour of Britain on Sept 11th. That is the day it actually kicks off, in my home town of Rochdale, and I will be working so will miss it all. Thank god for the V+ button.

Belmont Rd had a swirly wind and we both ground up and across it until we tried a different route via Tockholes and Darwen moors where we stopped for a quick photo and to admire the scenery. Into busy Blackburn we looked for Grane Rd ( A Road we have failed to find before) We thought we were on it until Haslingdon Old Rd signs were dotted about. Nevermind, the climbing was still a tough test and just the final 'big' climb of Edenfield Rd in reverse was left. Half way up, whilst Pantani and I were pootling, we got overtaken and he was soon leaving us for dust. Pete set a challenge to skin this guy, whilst I was knackered, and  then wait for him at the top. I actually caught up very quickly then sat on his wheel for a minute to recover. I attacked without looking back and I was at the top on my own. This other guy cycled past as I said my goodbyes and he replied ' ah, its Simon Byeeeeee' I shouted to find out who on earth it was but I couldn't hear, probably someone from the tri club? Waited ages for Pantani, and @ 9stone you'd think he'd be quicker up the hills?

Arrived home aching a little but just glad of the miles.

Distance     66miles
Ascent        4500ft
Av Spd       17mph.


  1. I can remember most years pulling the TT bike out of hibination about feb time with the intention of doing regular intervals / long rides on it, to prepare myself for the that years time trials. Most years I'd do one ride and end up aching so much after it that I wouldn't touch the bike again until my first time trial.

  2. heh yeah, I can see myself doing that except that 'doing a time trial' doesn't feel like it will ever happen . Ive only ever done one last year and it wasn't even a CTT one.