Saturday, 25 September 2010

More muther F&*(£$% Weather

Just when you think its cant get any worse..... Four full commuting days this week. Wednesday was wet,windy and rainy but I was all prepared before I left the house so it didn't bother me too much, sunny and windy on way home. Thursday was comical. Wet in morning. Gorgeous sun shining when I set off from work and 5mins later a little drizzle followed by a tropical storm, high winds, thunder and lightening and more rain than my ride at the beginning of the week. Needless to say I wasn't prepared for this one and fell straight into mother nature's trap. Friday was just super windy with North/North Easterly gusts up to 30mph. Head wind in all  directions (every direction I turned the leaves were blowing back at me) except the last 2 miles home and cross winds all the way into work. Once a gust went past sometimes there would be one in the opposite direction to give a little help so i'd gain a little speed for a split second then the head wind would return negating the little progress just made. Then there were the sideways winds blowing left then right where leaves would magically dance in mid air before finally blowing past my face. Saturday's commute was the same as Friday's just a little calmer but not much, except that it was freezing!!! I have been setting off for work around 3am all week and has been very mild but not Saturday. Bib longs, shorts, 2 jerseys including a windproof, super thick gloves, over shoes, just no scarf. Nice and toasty? NOOOO. So not only had the super wind to contend with but the cold too. On the way home I just gave up, took it easy and trundled in after a crap day at work and I dont have many of them.


Wed  (work)    20miles   20.3mph
        (home)    20 miles   20.1mph

Thurs (work)    20miles   19.3mph
          (home)   20miles    19.1mph

Fri     (work)    20miles   19.0mph
          (home)   20miles   18.1mph

Sat     (work)    20miles   19.8mph
          (home)    20miles   17.2mph

235 miles this week.

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