Monday, 30 August 2010

Hard recovery ride

It was dry enough to use 'Scottie' today for the first time in ages although the clouds that were forming spelled out 'R' 'A' 'I' 'N'. Only a short ride allowed as I was meeting Pantani for some carvery goodness so absolute max I was allowed out was 2hrs. Didn't want to push it just in case I had a puncture or incident.

 UP Edenfield Rd where the wind was blowing steadily. I have really missed the ride of 'Scottie' it's so unique. for such a stiff frame, comfort is 2nd to none compared to my other bikes even using the ultra thin and light Selle Italia SLR saddle. The Dura Ace c24 wheels are amazing and the acceleration up hills leaves me beaming. On top of Edenfield road, the cross winds could be felt in the rear wheel in the form of drag, but not as much as felt in my other wheels. It was hard work descending with the wind across the bike, pedalling all the way into Rawtenstall. Front Brakes jammed on just before the main roundabout as my stem loosened and fell a little. ( its adjustable)The front brakes are the Planet x ultra lite single pivot things and are super sensitive to brake cable movement. Miraculously I had brought along an allen key that fitted the stem and I was off in a couple of minutes.

Next part is a long, gentle climb to the top of Whitworth where I tried to average about 20 mph but the wind was constant and I dropped a little bit. Tempo was high and fast, keeping on the limit, but not breaking it. Descending to Shawfirth was 'slow' but its downhill all the way into Rochdale. Eventually the head wind turned into a cross and was able to maintain a higher speed on Whitwirth Rd. The legs were going well and still could apply the pressure all the way home with a few sprints along the journey. Weather permitting I should be out on TT bike Tuesday.


Distance       35miles
Ascent         2200ft
Av Speed    20.4mph (Blackburn Comp)

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