Sunday, 5 September 2010

Wed,Thurs, Fri, Sat Commuting

Wooohoo, weather has been holding out and the sun has been strutting its stuff so I have managed to cycle to work and back for all my shifts this week. Wind was fairly kind, but has been Westerly/S.Westerly which Im not used to. Wednesday I managed to go quite hard but averages suffered badly due to traffic lights, Thursday saw a decline in power to work but romped home at night. Fri was strange. I was shattered but didn't get the energyless feeling I usually got just had no power and whilst the air was still it felt like it was blowing a gale like a coastal wind but no flags, trees or leaves were moving ( Ghost wind :) ) so used as a proper recovery ride. Also I nearly froze my bollox off at 2am. Went straight to computer to check temps and it stated 14C with a 3mph wind. I've not had winter rides that felt as bad as Fri night. Sat saw my fitness returning in the evening but needed to hold back for footie on Sunday.


Wednesday        Work    20miles     20.4mph
                          Home    20miles     19.4mph

Thursday             Work    20miles     20.1mph
                           Home    20miles     20.5mph

Friday                  Work    20miles     18.2mph
                            Home    20miles     18.0mph

Saturday               Work    30miles     17.2mph
                             Home   20miles     19.7mph

Total mileage for the week, if the track on Sun was counted at 10miles, is about 270miles.

Sunday I was involved in a footie game. Managed to do a fair bit of running but got cramp in both calves after an hour without getting too much out of breath. Was hoping to last the whole game.

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