Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Good to be back


After a cold,wet but fab time in Torquay where all I could think about was getting on the bike I finally got home to my beauties and gave them all a once over. Tuesday's forecast wasn't too good but even though I hate riding in the rain I prepared myself for the worst, I really needed this ride and a drenching wouldn't deter me. Met up with Pantani for a quick ride which turned out to be a longer ride than planned as the weather turned nice eventually after we did get wet. Also got 'lost' a few times like on the way back from Blackburn where we looked for Haslingdon/Grane rd but found quite a nice alternative in the form of Roman rd so ended up doing a loop at Edgeworth.

My Blackburn computer flew off a couple of times from a new stem mount and one of the buttons sticks a little. It went in my back pocket after the 2nd time so I lost count of the milegae. Pete reckoned we did 75 miles but the map plot says 60 miles unless I have gone wrong somewhere, sure I haven't. Legs felt tight and achey afterwards, must be getting old.

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