Sunday, 22 August 2010


Thursday 19th Aug

Took me a while to find it but managed to find it at the bottom of my kit gym pass!
Warmed up on the cross trainer and heart rate went sky high very quickly on a low setting
which isn't a good sign. The gym bikes gave me more misery as I barely hit 200 watts, terrible.
After a quick pull on the rower I gave in and finally thought I better do a bit of running if I am
to compete in more triathlons. 8mph felt quite easy after halfway through my 5km and ended
up finishing in 24 mins 30 secs. My fastest yet on the treadmill.

Went swimming with the tri club, in the fast lane, but was needing to put in too much effort to
keep up with the slower lanes. My body gave up 10mins before the end and cramped up with
5 minutes to go. At least my arms got a work out.

Friday 20th Aug

Time was 5pm and it had been dry all day, supposed to be like this for the rest of it too. Took
my TT bike out for a spin to see how the fit was as it was the first time I had ever ridden it.
Wind was about 20mph and after 10 mins it started to lash it down. I hid under some trees
for 10 mins then went home :(

Velodrome time at 7pm again. Ughh wasn't looking forward to it. At least there would be
NO WIND yay! Quick warmup then some 100m sprints which is a little pointless as you
end up going fast enough to complete 200m with little more effort. It was great practice
for Middleton Cycling Club's track championships though. A few skills later and we did 40 laps
progressive, getting faster and faster. That was the idea anyway. More like fast,slow,fast slow
then a sprint to the end. I got caught up on the inside behind a slower line as the 2 on the
outside fought valiantly for the win. D'oh. Next time I shall get into position BEFORE the last
lap and maybe start my sprint early too as I thought he others would tire but didn't. Track
bike is ace and setup 100% perfect. I always feel my best on this bike, even though my body
was telling me to stop, I could squeeze that extra energy from somewhere.

Saturday 21st August

That gym pass of mine will get worn out soon if I keep on using it. Wanted to get out on the
bike but stiff legs said 'no way' Cross trainer warmup again and heart rate was a much more
comfortable 120bpm at level 15, 9mph. Hmmm Lets see how a quick 10mile TT on gym bike
could go, not any worse than Thursday? So I was aiming for my PB of about 21.45 and after
10 seconds knew I would be way off. To get that 21.45 I need to average about 270-280 watts
but 203 watts is what I got this time and crawled over the line close to 25 mins.
What is wrong with me? Idid 5000m on rower in 20mins 50 secs which isn't bad, pb is 19mins 27 ish
Figured my running can't be too bad as it has always been bad so I should be able to get close to pb's.
Started of briefly at 7.5mph and soon worked my way up to 8.5mph and 9.5mph for the final leg.
Woooo 22mins 58 secs for 5km and thats after having to reset back to zero after 0.5miles as my shoe
laces came undone. Happy at last. Session over.

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