Thursday, 19 August 2010



Yesterday's ride put a strain on the muscles and all I had to eat for tea was beans on toast until today when I had soup for breakfast but I was determined to ride. Pantani and I were supposed to be going to a bike shop in Chorley as I had a few bits to buy so possibly could have gone Blackpool. As it happened there was no reply from his phone...he'd switched it off! So I cycled to his house to get the lazy feck out of bed. Eventually got an answer that he was still asleep so I left on my own.

Wind was nightmarish but Huddersfield Rd from Newhey is well sheltered so didn't affect me much there. I then proceeded to Holmfirth Rd going about 7-8mph which is crap especially in a 'tail wind' I then bonked halfway up but managed to spin my way out of trouble. I was hoping Compo's was open as everytime Ive passed it has been closed. Got there and was glad to see the big queues coming out of the door.' Jumbo cod and chips with scraps please' NOW!! Had to wait for my freshly done fish, deffo worth it, guzzled down with a 1.5l bottle of Coke. Whilst in Torquay I went to the 10th best chippy in the country and although impressed I thought Compo's was marginally better.

Legs feeling much better after 30 mins I set of back the way I came in a howling, swirly head wind. Just took my time and paced it. I was getting stronger and stronger and tempted to use up all my reserves at once but had to hold back as most of the power would be fighting the windanyway. Since I was revitalised I took a long way back home to get as many miles in as possible. Weather up to now was cloudy with sunny spells but when in Stalybridge the heavens suddenly opened and absolutely lashed it down for 5-10mins. Great :( I already had my water proof on because I was freezing with all the wind and generally cold temps outside, also had my bib longs on, hows that for preparation! Cramp in my left leg was setting in and had to stand to stretch it out. As I typed that sentence, in bed, I'm writhing in agony due to cramp. Getting twinges. Ouch. Clocked up a painful 75miles.

Missus had an hour spin session booked in for 8.30pm which I joined in. Wasn't too bad and did better and lasted longer than I expected. Bike is full of sand and dirt, she needs a good hose down. Ride tomorrow?? Didn't think just over a week off the bike could be so counter-productive.

Distance 75miles
Ascent 5000ft
Av Speed 16mph

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