Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Just cycling hard

Route - I was determined to prove to myself that I hadn't lost my cycling speed but really I was glad to be out again. As usual I would try as hard as my little legs could push and as my milage was lacking lately I went a long way to work. A major gripe of this run was the number of traffic light stops, no fewer than 10 I'd say. How annoying! I experimented with my cleats as far back as possible for more power? but I felt it was hampering me so cleats all the way forward on the way home later.

Average 20.3mph
Distance 21.3miles
Ascent 800ft

Route - Commute home. I just had my new Aldi cycling shorts on with accompanying new Aldi wind jacket thing. Pete got some shorts but has to fold them over a couple of times as his legs are too skinny! Hehe Fit me nice and snug, wish I bought some more, maybe he'll sell me his. Anyway, it was cold, not quite freezing, but it deterred me from doing another 20 miles so cut it short. Wind wasnt with me tonight ( Northerly, after being a very strong Westerly all day) but I pedalled as hard as I could keep it up. If I felt I was pushing too hard I let off a little until I was good to go again. Up the hills I just went for it. There isn't many steep sections just one big gradual climb from Manchester.
I was luckier with traffic lights tonight, only about 4 or 5 stops.

Average 19.8mph
Distance 12.9miles
Ascent 700ft

HMmm Does that beat my commute home from last week where I did 20.1 mph average, 10 miles, 600ft climbing, wind assisted??? The one where I said I wouldn't beat that for a long time. Its close. I think so. Still not 100% but feel better than last week.


  1. It amazes me how anyone can average 20mph though Manchester. The last time I rode through there it felt like I was stopping for traffic lights every 300yrds.

  2. I'm quite disappointed with 20mph as its downhill. Next week I get to do the runs to work at 3am so see what happens ;P. Air should be still too.

  3. Actually, I can see myself taking the car at that time. *WILLPOWER*!!! I seem to have run out :( You sure your knee will hold for your super ride?