Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Tri club 42km Official Route - recce

The previous post I mentioned that there were no Sportives close by or close to date recently however for some mysterious reason I seem to have missed the 'Over the Edge' charity ride hosted by Transpenine Road club on Sun 16th May which alot of the Tri club were doing and the forums that I usually occupy didn't mention it once, I use the forums as a source of a lot of my info.

I was meeting Lee (Rochdale Tri) at Rochdale baths for a ride of the Rochdale Triclub Triathlon bike course (42km from Cowm reservoir 13.miles miles- 39.25miles on the map) When I arrived he was all kitted up but made his excuses and left in his car so I was all by myself.

They have picked an absolute stinker of a bike route which will suit me down to the ground as there are big climbs, followed by big descents, repeat a few times. My cycling is getting stronger day by day and I could attack all the climbs especially Burnley Rd, just after Tod which I did standing up in a head/cross wind. I met most of the Sportive lot coming down this rd including the Tri club and also saw the aftermath of an accident, the police were in attendance, cyclist down and lots of people helping so I just wandered past.

There was a cycle path short cut to Bacup road which avoided the traffic lights but was very steep and slippery in places as the road is lined with loose gravel. I was now expecting the biggest tail wind in the world! There is a down hill section into Whitworth which is quite steep,
-9/-10% and 40mph is very attainable, the flags at the top of the hill were blowing towards the direction I was headed, close to 20mph winds. I barely hit 20mph?????? It was probably one of the worst days for wind today. I went flat out round the course to see what kind of time I could expect and never gave up, infact I dont think I had tried so hard before with little reward. I kept telling myself 'at least its not raining' which went over and over in my head and that kept me going.

Distance 50miles
Average 18 mph
Ascent 4000ft

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