Thursday, 5 November 2009

Light training


Cycled to and from work. Nice and uneventful just the way I like it. Could do with a bit more traffic on the road though. Averaged 19 mph there and 17.2mph back which I think is a record for me, the hilly return leg. 14.5 miles total.

Went swimming with the tri club. Normally there are just a handful that turn up but as winter draws nears and the days are very dark around 12-14 swam in 2 lanes. A little hectic but workable. 20 lengths warmup followed by 10x25m sprints and 10 x50m sprints. Then some drills and breathing work. 5x100 where length 1 was dont breathe, 2nd swim, 3rd breathe every 3, set 2 breathe every 4,5,6,7 etc then swim last. Lastly were some drills and counting strokes so first length was long hard strokes and the return leg was trying to do less strokes. Just as was leaving I was coaxed into running at the track on wednesday, I said I'd turn up and see what I could do.


It was lashing it down most of the day with some spells of light drizzle. I was determined to do a little running so set off to see if the rain would subside but needed to get petrol anyway from Morrisons which is just 2 mins from the running track at Spring hill school. Got there very early as I thought it started at 7pm but it was at 7.30 and waiting for people to turn up. There was little rain and only Lee turned up with myself. The weather turned out to be perfect running weather, so comfortable. What a poor show :( He had come a long way from Ramsbottom so decided to have a run anyway. Warmup 2x400m light jog then 4 x 400m where we took turns to lead after 200m and 200m fast walk after each set. He was quite quick for me and wondered if he was holding himself back. We then did 4 laps (1600m) at my pace, concentrating on my breathing and trying not to get a stitch which always happens. Knee was holding up fine until the next set which was going to be 2 x 400, 1st100m at 50% then 60% then 80% then finally full out sprint. I lasted the first 100 until my knee started to go so just did 2 laps warm down. I could definately tell I hadn't run for a while and my muscles were starting to cramp. I will go again but if the club actually turn up I would probably have to do my own stuff as there is no way I 'd keep up and do 35 mins max. I loved every minute of it though.

My rear lights came today Raleigh Astrium or somet as recommended by redbikes and true to his review they are excellent for £8.50 from ebay. They left a sticker on, the price being £25.99!!! Very bright and great build quality. I managed to wrap a jubilee clip round it and my seat post so I shouldn't be losing this one. Still waiting
for my Keo 2 max pedals, still not in stock. Found a website that do deep section carbon wheels in clincher form for very cheap and are very light too so might have to get some. About £500 60mm clincher weight is about 1650g. Planning on either rest or light swim thursday, might miss circuit, and then Footie on friday at Abbey Hey which could be a mistake.

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  1. I'm glad you like the light.

    I keep meaning to get some carbon wheels but the cost and the fath of tubs has always put me off. You'll have to let everyone know what they're like when you get them.