Sunday, 22 November 2009

Keeping up appearances


I knew the fast guys were turning up to running with the Tri club but decided to join in to improve my fitness. I really think that it helps my cycling immensely as it constantly 'puts pressure' on the lungs which I don't feel my cycling or swimming is doing. I am hoping that cycling becomes my 'main' sport. Five or six of us turned out today which is a good show and found out I didn't have to pay as my gym membership at Middleton covers me. Warmup consisted of drills for 15 mins then 4 x laps (400m) of the track fairly easy. The hard bit was 10 x 400m with 200m active recovery walk and 200m active recovery jog in between each hard lap. Warm down was 2 laps very easy and stretches. Thats 10.4km and my knee was fine!! If this carries on I might have to rethink not doing any triathlons. First one is in April, the countdown begins.

I then went swimming to loosen up and remove lactic, managed 50 lengths and a 200m I.M before I got bored and achey.


I haven't been circuit training for 2 weeks and really needed to go to give all my muscles a work out otherwise they seize up when I eventually do use them. Nothing different today. Since I have been enjoying swimming lately I joined the tri club for their session. I must have pulled my shoulder or got a nerve trapped whilst doing tricep dips as I found it painful to pull using my left arm. I started off easy and the shoulder got better as the swim went on. 20 lengths warmup with drills then 24 lengths constant pace, 20 lengths ( 3 constant 1 fast), 16 lengths ( 2 constant 2 fast) 8 lengths (1 easy 3 fast) 4 lengths fast then 2 fast then 1 fast. Spent most of the night drafting the swimmer infront which I hate doing. Finished doing a few lengths butterfly. The running from the night before was starting to have an effect as my muscles felt tight, tense and sore so have been stretching, exercising and eating lots to aid recovery.


The only day I didn't cycle to work as I had footie straight from work and had to carry some passengers. It went unbelievably well considering 2 weeks ago I could barely run past the half way line and be expected to defend too! Felt sooo much fitter and recovery was quicker but afterwards the pain set in due to lactic and is still hurting Sunday night. I was fouled badly soo many times too, surprised I haven't picked up any injuries at all. I had a scare though as my knee gave way at one point but found out I had my strap on wrong and it had caught under my kneecap and tendon. It was like getting hit on your funny bone but worse! Lucky escape methinks.


Don't usually work Sunday but I need to pay for all the gear I keep buying so both days I cycled in but couldn't go too fast as my legs haven't yet recovered from all the running. People at work have been saying how thin I was getting but haven't lost any weight for ages. Seem to be losing the fat which is my aim. Still weigh just under 70kgs.

Not been able to record my speeds on Vanquish as my cycle computer has been stuck on 75.9mph so need a new computer, shoes that fit, saddle bag and tri club gear. Im sure theres more. CO2 pump has arrived with 30 cartridges, seemed cheap enough and got the saddle too which looks, feels and smells quality. Don't you just love the smell of proper leather? and it is soooo light. Hoping to get some big rides in at the end of next week which will suit me as I wont be able to do much during the week due to work.

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