Friday, 30 October 2009

I am Alive

Sorry for not updating to those who read this blog, my super laziness is getting the better of me but I haven't been lazy on the exercise front. Since I have been hiring the 'House' box sets, every second of my spare time has been watching these things. Theres about 25 hrs in each and have watched seasons 2-5 and season 6 on sky on a sunday. Unfortunatly I have just been leant season 1 now :(

Over the last 2 weeks I have been swimming lots, cycling to work lots and doing usual circuit and spinning on Thursdays. Doing a few rides also been eating lots of crap like currys and pizza and Maccys.


Pete seems to have recovered from his bout of Swine flu and the weather looked like it could be gorgeous so we decided to have a 'nice easy ride' to Macclesfield and beyond. Nothing major to write about average was 17.5mph for about 37 miles. He then surprised me and said there was a 25 mile TT course at the exact spot he decided to have a quick break. This is right next to Jodrell bank and Goostry. I would have saved a lot if I knew we were gonna do a tt especially a 25mile one! I thought I'd try for a fairly decent time as I have never done one before. I was planning on leading then Pete to take over to help me out but his help never materialised and ended up leading all the way which does make a change. We said we wouldn't leave anyone too far behind and there was a big hill after the first bend and I pootled a bit to wait for Pete, didn't think Id have so wait to soon but he kept up the rest of the way just about. He kept on going on about how lovely the scenery was, all I could do was look at the tarmac ahead and pedal. I prefer cycling in busy roads, the cars break up the swirly wind we have been having the past week or so. So after 10 miles he shouted I needed to pick up the pace as we were only on 28 mins, the wind was killing me. It seemed to go on and on for ages and it didn't help with Pete calling the mileage every 5 mins. After 20 miles I was going to hit the last 5 hard but remembered I hadn't eaten all day and didn't want to bonk after the last experience I had. Finally completed the 25 mile course in a time of 1hr 13 mins which is an average of 20.6mph. Not bad going after nearly 40 miles and holding back a little and waiting for Pete a couple of times. We did finish together too. Next stop was a shop to get a drink where we begged some passing charity people for some money as we were short then to Goostry train station as it was getting dark. Felt like it had suddenly got cold but I think it was the sweat as my body cooled down due to inactivity. Took a quick trip to Evans in Manchester which was a dream cycle for me as there were cars....lots of them, all gridlocked down and around Deansgate. Some nice but expensive gear in Evans and had a nosey at one of Jobys potential bikes the Cannondale 6. Looks even nicer in the flesh. Couldn't see the LaPierre one. Back home we had clocked up 72 miles with an average of 18 mph possibly higher if we hadn't counted the 'go slow' through Manchester. Wasn't expecting such a hard work out but the time trial would have done us the world of good.


Went out on my own today as Pete had to keep the missus happy. I have been using Vanquish the past month so saw no reason to change it. Headed towards littleborough and was going to go up blackstone edge but wasn't feeling great and just wanted a recovery ride. So went to Walsden and turned up Bacup rd which is a nice long climb with a couple of monster gradients. I did a few sprints and recoveries and started to feel much better, my legs were much looser. I decided to hammer it home with a head wind too. Vanquish felt very very sluggish but I think it was the wind. Went past Whitworth very quickly and back past Norden and Bamford. 37 miles in 2hrs 6 mins average was 17.5mph.

Went to circuit training and spinning as normal for Thursdays

Weight 68.5kgs


Didn't really want to go out today but after all the crap I have been eating I needed a ride out. I was going to make it a fairly long recovery one. I prepped Jamis as I hadn't ridden her for ages and needed to make sure she was fine for the hill climb next week. Took it very easy from the end of my street and enjoyed the tail wind, it would be the last I would see of it all ride. I went up Edenfield road which is another nice long climb with some steep bits at the start. I saw my first target in a long time, another roadie! woohoo. I caught up to him on the start of the steep section and breezed past and gave the usual ' morning' which kinda sounds like you are taking the piss but I thought I'd be nice anyway. He gave me what I can only describe as a 'snarl' he scrunched up his face and saw him trying to keep up. I saw his shadow next to me so put in a bit more effort. I sprinted to the top of Edenfield rd and had enough energy to get a decent speed on the straight, that shadow was still there so I looked back and the other guy was miles behind. The shadow was my own bike d'oh. Descended into Rawtenstall where I thought I would do Bacup rd backwards to yesterday but on the climb to Bacup it was soooo windy and all my effort was going against the wind I just wanted to get home so headed towards Whitworth. The wind was very bad and speed was low. I dont know how the pros can pedal so quick against the wind and still keep up a good average. Sometimes I put in some super sprints and really go for it and my mph increases by 1. Waste of time and effort that was. Went down a big hill where I did 38mph the day before , just about managed 23 mph today. It is mentally soul destroying and you feel like you aren't getting any better after all the hard work thats being put in. Jamis did feel miles better on the climbs which is a good sign for next Sunday.

33miles in 2hrs 5 mins 15.7mph average.

Hopefully I get my new wheels before next Sunday :P Need a new saddle as my arse is killing. OOOh yeah and Im watching Greenday tonight at the MEN and work very early the day after so Saturday is going to be a rest day.


  1. I thought the 25mile course at Goostry involved 2 laps? I'm terrible though. I've gone the wrong way several times on that time trial.

  2. its 1.5 laps or something similar, didn't want to go into detail as thats means I have to type more :) Finished near a garden centre I think it was.