Sunday, 8 November 2009

Lactic Buildup


I figured an easy day would help my aching legs recover so I went to circuit training and trained at a moderate pace. I would usually go spinning afterwards but I tend to go a bit too hard so went swimming instead with the tri club. 20 lengths warmup and we were told we were doing a 400m time trial followed by a 50m time trial. Effing hell. A bit of warning would have been nice. One lane was used for swimming up and down what ever we wanted. I was first up, a little nervous. I did some warmup sprints before hand to loosen my legs up a bit. 30 secs before the off I was really up for it. I set off on the first length taking a good lead over the others. Turned at the wall and pushed off.........DISASTER. I had to pull up and pull out due to bad cramp in both legs. I must have looked a right prat as I was expected to be the one to beat. I just went in the swim lane and did a few lengths but got cramp again so rested until the 50m.
I was pretty pissed off now but thought I'd give the 50m a go. I lined up and got in an 'explosive' position to pounce off the wall and get a good start. 30 secs to go I got cramp again just holding onto the wall and yelped. The others were in fits of laughter and I got the 5 secs to go signal and set off. The guy next to me set off 3 secs early which fucked me off but caught him on the turn. I felt cramp just after the turn and nearly stopped but took it easy and got my legs back. Managed to win my heat but I didn't want to know the time as I knew I could go another 5 secs quicker. Bit of a waste of time that.


Football at Wright Robinson college, was throwing it down but settled just before we kicked off. 4.5 a side on a massive pitch for 1hr 15mins absolutely killed me. At least my knee holds up well playing footie. Not played for months and loved it. Just need to keep it up which I doubt will happen as they aint great at organising stuff.


My legs were feeling very bad so did a lot of stretching but this was a rest day.


Once again, using my feeble thinking powers, the best way to loosen up my legs for MCC hillclimb would be to have a swim with the Tri club. Never attended a session on Sunday before, this was at Rochdale baths. 20 lengths warm up, lots of drills then a hard session of 4x100 with first set very fast, 2nd 50m then 10 secs rest then 50m very fast, 3rd 25m the 5 secs rest very fast and the last active recovery this was done 4 times. It was a very good as interval training and every one said how much it made them work.

Went to the Moorcock Inn in the car, watched the remembrance day march and got the bike out and had a ride up and down the hills to get the blood pumping for 30 mins where I met and joined Pete. I was going to struggle big time and to cut a long story short, I did. I set off last which I was happy with as I had someone to chase but my legs just wanted to give up and had to coax them to carry on by using a lower gear than I would have liked. There was a head wind but it wasn't bothering me for a change. The lower gear and higher cadence was making me use my lungs more so having a negative effect rather than a positive one I was expecting. I upped the gearing too late and felt much more comfortable. I was catching Pete but very slowly. I gave an all out effort near the top to try and catch Pete but failed and I ended up collapsing in a puddle looking up at the sky. Paul missed a right good photo there. 9mins 27 secs, but had done 9 mins in training and was aiming for 8mins 30secs. Also had to use Vanquish as I screwed up Jamis's guide jockey pully. Same time as the new guy, the other Paul. Have I given enough excuses?
The 16oz rib eye steak and my first pint for ages at the White House made up for a terrible week. The support for the hill climb was tremedous and if I forgot to thank anyone here is a big thankyou for cheering us on. Track day in December is the next event.

On a seperate note and continuing the trend of buying new stuff every week, one of my new torches for my helmet or handle bars arrived and within minutes of receiving it I got a phone call from Steve Foley asking to borrow a front and rear set so lent him my brand new Raleigh Astrium and p7 led one from China. He was doing an 162km Audax around Cheshire. The p7 led looks very nice and powerful and should make a good backup for my main light which is due to arrive late next week. Keep tuned in for more goodies arriving!!

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