Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Lazee days


Just a quick spinning session at 7am, went all out as it was only 45 mins long and tried not to eat anything until lunch time. Weight was an amazing 69.9kgs before the session so lost all the crap I put on in Vegas. Most of my ordered stuff arrived and will fit it 2moz.


Quite a nice day considering the crap weather we've been having all year but the missus had me chauffeuring her here there and everywhere so I only had time for swimming at 9.05pm. Before that though I stripped Vanquish and changed her tyres with Jamis's as one of them had a damaged sidewall, also changed the pedals. A thorough clean later and I was onto Jamis. I did her rear weel with contiGP4000s, the Conti GP attack for the front arrived on Fri but the feckers sent the old one not the new Chili compound so I sent it back. Then I did the handle bars, stem and new bar tape. I was going to take it to LBS as I couldn't be arsed to do it myself but I had a change of heart and just went for it. Turned out great in the end and saved myself a tenner. Gave Jamis a good deep clean too and she is nearly ready to go out again, just need to lower seat a couple of mm and change front tyre. Oh yeah the new pedals for Jamis never arrived either so gotta wait for them. At least they sent the other stuff.

Back to swimming, I thought if I did 120 lengths I would be more than happy due to the lack of swimming done. I used the time to concentrate on my breathing and stroke length but sprinted 4 lengths after 80 and sprinted 6 lengths on 114 to finish off. I looked at the time and I had a good 7-8 mins left so carried on and see how I would do. After the first 2 I was feeling strong so went fast for the next 13. I looked at the time again, still a couple of mins til kicking out time and asked the life guard if he'd let me finish off my five lengths as they were removing the lane ropes. He said yes so I sprinted the last 5. 140 lengths 3.5 km in 57mins. Not done 140 for a long time and knew I could go on for another hour, if I hadn't sprinted the odd few. Usually when I haven't been swimming a while my arms give up after 50 or so lengths so maybe the weights on mon/tues helped?


  1. I'm not sure you can get away with writing about 140lengths under the title lazy days. !

  2. It has felt like I've not done much the past 3 days... 2hrs 45 worth of exercise and i've had 3 days off work, see. Now if I was redbike with 3 days off i'd have cycle 1000miles in between a couple of marathons :). I think i got my days mixed up too. Swimming was wed, spinning tues and mri monday.