Saturday, 17 October 2009

All Bonked Out!!! part 2.......

Lets see if I can squeeze a whole week and a bit into a post thats as short as possible. Righty then, what did I do Fri last week? ermmm Im sure I did something but cant remember, same for saturday so its going well so far. Sunday was my day for a long ride but not last Sun as I have moved links at work and I didn't have time to sign my Sunday off so had to work all bleedin' day :( I did cycle in though, oh yeah I cycled in on Sat too. Im getting good at this commuting on a bike thing.

Monday, I drove in and was late for work due to water mains replacement all around Shudehill. Thought I would get the first part of my job covered but I wasn't late enough and had to drive to Southport. Working 10-8 all week. So its get up, go to work, work, get home from work, make somet for tea, sleep and repeat for 3 days.

Tuesday, I decided to cycle in as I was fed up with the road works on Monday, I really enjoyed it as I usually loathe riding to work for some unknown reason. Just a quick 7.3 miles either way but I like to hammer it as much as my little legs can take. Swimming was at 9pm and I managed to do 142 lengths this time, just to better last time.

Wednesday, Cycled to work blah de blah, I cant remember what happened or any exciting incidents, I do remember calling a taxi driver a fucking cock for nearly pulling right out in front of me and him following me only for him to chicken out when I turned around and approached him. I lost another set of rear lights AGAIN!!!! FFS!!!!! FFS!!!! FFS!!!!! so went to get a cheap set from poundland £1 which seem to work great until I stopped at the first set of traffic lights to find the rear lights I just bought had turned themselves off :( Turned it on and a little bump later it was off again. Lucky I had my flashing fluorescent straps round my legs or no one would see me. Night riding is the best thing ever though. I have been dreading it but now wish it was dark all the time. I have ordered a couple of led lamps from some place in China that are supposed to flood light the road, one ofr helmet and one for bar so Ill review them when/if I get them. £100 smackers worth. Also ordered a 10th rear light I think Im up to? Think I need a new saddle bag too. Part of my 'be seen so no bastard excuse' excercise I decorated my little back pack as it covered up my night vision jacket so the night vision bits weren't doing their job. I ordered some diamond grade? super reflective white and red waterproof tape from ebay, not cheap shit this, and sewed lots of panels on the back, underneath and side. Looks fab. Also stuck loads on my helmet. Some smart arse at work said ' its a bit early to be turning ya chrimbo lights on' Took me ages to sew them on too so did it through the HOUSE marathon season 2 and 3 box sets 40hrs worth in a week and half. Got a late fine too :( To be honest I dont have a clue where I found the time to watch all that as Im barely in the house to start off with, only to eat and sleep.
Was going to swim at 9pm again but I was really feeling it on the ride home and struggled to get up the last hill, bonk training was working as I ate little all day but stuffed my face at night. I didn't swim.

Thursday, more cycling to work and another reason why its more fun at night , well 8pm, is that I get chance to overtake loadsa cyclists. Don't see many in daylight hrs. Took it easy on the way home so I'd have energy for spinning at 9.15pm. Good session and I really caned it. Managed to weigh myself and was 67.5kgs!! wow and that was before the spin session and a big crap.

Friday, took missus to work so had most of the day for a bike ride. Pete has had swine flu for a couple of weeks so was avoing the fecker. Am I the only cyclist not to get swine flu? I had to put on my new GP attack front wheel on with latex tube, was a struggle and had to use tyre levers to get it on. Hope I didn't do owt to the tube ;) Rode past Haigh Hall, Parbold and to Rufford? Then a ride to bike shop mecca, Buy a bike where I got Jamis from. I was screwed. No water, no food and was knackered after 30 miles. Used any energy that I had to fight the wind going to Parbold and a quarter of the way back to Manchester. After 55 miles, I obviously hadn't fully bonked before but had now and I wanted to get the train home. Its a terrible feeling. I couldn't lift my legs at all. The thing is I would feel energy less for 10 mins then get a burst for 10 mins but any gradient made the burst dwindle to 2 mins. My stubborness made it worse as I kept telling my self that I could eat as much as I wanted when I got home but at this rate I wasn't getting home. I had to stop at a petrol station near Swinton in the end for Lucozade and sweeties I was that bad. I needed to prop my self up using the bike and my head was starting to spin. Just in time. After 5 mins of the drink I was good to go again but I wasn't. I hit a pothole and heard a clunk. Front tyre had deflated. No sign of glass etc in tyre so pumped the tyre up and the pressure seemed to hold. Kept checking it after a couple of miles, the air was leaking but very slowly. Had to pump it up once more to get back home.

74miles 17mph average (god knows how I kept to that, must be the tail wind on the last 30 miles, makes a change) Was out for5hrs not sure on riding time. Perfect cycling weather too.

Ate 2x Big macs, 2 bags of sweets and a whole 14" PIZZA on my return. Think Ill take Saturday as a rest day.

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  1. I've never lost a rear light. Although i'm always managing to break the things. I've had a few front light make a jump for freedom on the MTB though so I now zip tie them on.

    I'm now using a Cateye TL LD600. Its bright, but it's certainly not the brightest light out there, It's probably not even the best value; but it has lasted over a year of being miss-treated on the back of a MTB and it's never failed or jumped off!