Thursday, 1 October 2009

Under the weather ----> Comfort shopping!

Tues, Wed, Thursday I haven't done a thing as I'm a little ill which seems to be turning into BIG ill. Coughing and spluttering, blocked nose, runny nose, dry throat and cravings for sugar. Missus had it 2 weeks ago and I've tried avoiding her so I dont get ill but the inevitable happened. Even in seperate beds.

SO feeling sorry for myself I hop over to loadsa well known web cycling stockists to see what goodies I can get my beloved beauties. Pantani was going to Ribble on Tuesday and was gonna go but needed to spend the day with the other half, for a change so I cant grumble. I must have spent a good 5 hrs + looking where to buy what at the cheapest prices. In the end I got the stuff from Ribble and Shiney Bikes.

First thing on my list was keo 2 max pedals as THe M520 and spds I have are heavy and are wasting some of my power.
Next was new lightweight bars as I have 46cm (300g) width, ordered 40cm(200g). I'm sure thats hampering my aero efforts. Lost looked very aero on her what looked like 36cm width! Vanquish has 42cm and I can tell the difference.
Then as a tyre had gone on Vanquish I will replace with the tyres from Jamis which are coloured red Shwalbe Stevios, crap in the wet but excellent puncture protection and quite heavy @300g. So Jamis gets on the front Continental GP Attack chilli which are a compromise as I was thinking of 20mm width but these are 22mm and on the rear Continental GP4000s + latex tubes just to try out really. I will swap for the other schwalbe and might try a michelin krylion for winter riding on Jamis
Lightweight stem to shorten reach and reduce weight.

I may or may not feel the benefits but I like to experiment and try things out even if its costs money, time and effort.

I told my wifey not to buy me Jelly beans too as I just cannot resist them so what do I find in the kitchen when I came home from work on Thursday.. my favourite Jelly beans which have now all been eaten :(

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