Sunday, 30 October 2011

More Track time

       After a nightmare week of commutes, I just felt like I had no breath in me, I wasn't looking forward to the track SQT on Sun 30th Oct which I had booked in advance. The last couple of days commuting I took it easy so that I had a little bit of ooomph going round the velodrome but I wasn't hopeful or in the mood. Luckily the session is quite late on so I had all day to loosen up my tight muscles.

Once at the velodrome I found out, whilst signing on, I was in current World TT Champ company although he wasn't wearing his rainbow bands. After being a little awe struck I set about changing my gear ratio from a 49-16 to a 49-15 (88) as if I spin too quick I get out of breath so soon. The warmup I took it as that instead of  racing around like a headless chicken trying to prove a point.

Various skills and sets followed and I was going around with relative ease for a change. It was supposed to be an A/B Sqt but 80% were A'ers. One set I was doing pursuit changes with a tandem who was very quick but stayed on fine. For the really fast efforts like that I deffo need a bigger gear!

Sprints, half laps sprints, and more laps followed until we ended doing a strange version of the 6 day points race which is strange enough without complicating matters. We had a recovery line (18-20mph - most probably higher than that) then when the whistle blew the first two sprinted all out for a lap and rejoined the line - simple. So after an eigth of a lap rolling start the timer started. I was leading for both my efforts but not sure wether it is easier to win from front or behind.  I saw a couple of riders go up the banking to get a better start and out fox their opponent but I just went for it!  Out of the saddle I went but I feel Im held back by the fact it feels like my cleats are slipping out. Those Keo Easys are not built for sprint work as their is no tension adjustment. However I mauled my way around in my fastest time ever.

My previous PB for a 200m sprint was about 13.5s although it was a while ago with MIddleton Cycling Club.  This time I was wearing a track timing transponder and my first effort gave a 200m time of 12.921 and a 250m time of 16.273. Smashed my previous PB without a super run up or the best gear?  My fox gave up after half a lap.
The next one was just as quick  but I slowed the pace line right down to get an advantage as my strength is acceleration from standing. My fox was the same guy and I'm sure he must have thought I was dead after trouncing him and him having an extended rest.  But I just kept the same tactic and went as hard as I could, no messing about. He was closer this time but I still did a good time even after only having a few minutes rest. 200m time - 13.296,   250m time - 16.733. Hopefully the links work.

That fastest lap time was at a speed of 55.3km/h unassisted all on my own. The total distance showed was 49km but we stayed on the blue line ( higher up) instead of the black so total distance was probably more like 53km - 33miles in the 2hr session ( riding time 1hr 20ish), average 22.3mph. Very worthwhile training indeed.

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