Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cross Training

Sat 22nd Oct - Running 3.86miles (6.21km) in 26mins 48 seconds which gives a 5km time of 21min 40seconds for a very hilly course.

Sun 23rd Oct - SQT @ Velodrome. Not been for about a year so was quite nervous but turned out I was one of the faster riders and for each set I was able to give my all and sufficiently recover to do it again. There was a scratch race at the end, 30laps which went faster and faster then it was every man for himself for the last 5laps. With 6 to go I found myself in the unfortunate position of lying 2nd, took my lap then dropped back but If I wanted to stand a chance I had to  keep near the front and not go to the back. I was constantly looking for a gap to rejoin the line and one opened up in 2nd place. I dropped into this gap and the leader went for a solo win with 5 to go. I used all my energy to get back on his wheel and dragged the whole of the line with me. D'oh! I should have held position on the outside and when the gap appeared big enough go with the leader side by side until there was a massive enough gap to drop behind so that the line would be distanced and it would be one on one instead of one against 30!

I recovered behind the leader for 3laps and the attacks kept coming and I tried to counter each one. But it was getting too much and someone launched a mega attack as he was able to get a lot of speed up from a few places back,I was too far forward, usually I am too far back lol. The guy who was leading faded, I dropped to 5th but held my speed and I managed to get 3rd with no energy for a full out sprint and a too low a gear to stand and sprint. That session absolutely wrecked me for the rest of the week.

Tuesday 25th Oct - More running, a spare of the moment thing, no HR or Speedo. 3.9miles in around 29mins. I then swam with the tri club in the evening just to re build up my strength for a few tris next year.

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