Monday, 12 September 2011

Rest, recouperation and recovery.

July and August saw the largest distances I have travelled ever with over 2000 miles clocked up. September could be the shortest. The TT bike ride and the Manc 100 took more out of me than I imagined ( maybe the HR was right after all) and also the weather played a part in not cycling to work.

Remarkabky though I have ran to the gym a few times and have never felt better, running wise. Once at the gym my performance on the gym bikes has been below par and the weight machine, terrible. 10mile TT on the gym bike I just about managed 20.45 (PB about 19.45) and weights wise I struggled with 50kg (PB 205kg) So whilst my aerobic functions are present I have no power in the muscles at all.

I even went swimming with the Tri club, Thursday just gone and barely lasted 30mins.

Today, the run was great but I couldn't raise my heart rate on the bike. I set about some intervals 10x2mins ( 2mins rest) 10x 1min ( 1min rest) Initially I was going to do 2x20 at threshold but I was screwed after 5 mins. This way though I was able to hold the sprint and get my heart rate to 176 every time. The resistance level was very very low but my cadence was high averaging 126. A very lazy run home awaited.

The Cycling track at Manchester Velodrome could very well be my second home over the coming months as winter sets in and I haven't been to an SQT ( structured quality training) session for about 9months so needed to gain a bit of confidence back before going on one. It so happened 'Colly' from the Cycle Chat forums was organising a track day on 11th Sept Sun.

I arrived at 2pm (session 3-5) as I needed to change a few things on my track bike like stem, saddle height and wheels. Coach didn't like my new stem lol, but then again who does. He said I should be more level and higher up and more compact. Actually, looking at the piccies I don't seem too bad at all and I was comfy.  Another disbeliever of my methods. Usual warmup, some sprints, changing in a line and 'Hunters'  finished us off. I had been unable to get up to speed and 'show off' hehe but the confidence gained, I'm sure, would be invaluable for my next SQT.

The Velodrome is looking very 'space age' since the new BMX bit has been added on and they have bought in new shoes and helmets which means they have leftover gear to sell. The old shoes were Addidas Race SL and I loved them, even better that they are 'pre-broken'. Mavic have now taken over the addidas range so you wont find addidas shoes, just expensive Mavic ones. Telephone Bob at the velodrome if interested £30.  Hopefully I should have a pair 2moz.  Size up like Sidis.

Found a massive bargain at Tescos on Friday, Garmin 500's at £50 a pop. Unfortunatly I already had one but for those that didn't I put them up for sale at a very respectable £90 inc p and p after I had cleared Tescos out! Think they retail for £130 Damn!

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