Wednesday, 7 September 2011

TT Test Ride - Fri 2nd Sept

First sign of dryness and semi decent weather I needed to get my TT bike ready for Sundays Manchester 100 mile ride. I have yet again tweaked the position for the better. Can I ride 100miles in the aero position?

 I was taking it fairly easy if you go by my breathing rate yet looking at my heart rate ( max 182, av 162 with a couple of stops)  and its very close to  anaerobic threshold and V02 max effort. So can that be possible? Is the position having an effect on the heart rate?  Is the heart rate monitor wrong? Why wasn't my breathing affected?

To Work 14miles ( lots of stops  and starts so garmin on/off)     Av Sp 24.1mph

To Home 16miles ( lots of stops less on/off of garmin)              Av Sp 22.2mph Hr 161 809ft
( Actually says 21mph but whilst at 22.4 I rode at 3-5mph for a couple of minutes in heavy traffic which was recorded) Hr less due to those stoppages.Cycling time 45 mins stoppages 25mins! Grrrr

Position feels very very comfy indeed since I swapped the 60 degree adjustable stem and replaced it with a 16cm 35 degree one. The drop measures the same but there is about 6cm extra stretch.

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