Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Rest days

Since Saturday I've not done anything due to wind and rain and generally feeling down, possibly ill as the missus and baby have been. Today I really really wanted to do the Birch 8mile TT on TT bike  but rain pulled the plug on that one. At least my enthusiasm has returned. Food wise I have tried to eat sensibly during rest days but all I can eat are bags and bags of sweets. Some bigger Asdas do some 600g of Jelly filled  foamy sweets and they are delicious! 2000 calories of  yumminess. Bollox. Cycling most days help keeps my weight in check and have started to eat anything and everything I want. Hope I don't put too much on in 3days. I hate to think whats going to happen in June when I go to America for 2 weeks :(

Wednesday 11th May Commute

To Work     Distance 20 miles     Av Sp 21.2mph
To Home     Distance 20miles      Av Sp 21.2mph

Thursday 12th May Commute (Fri home)

To Work     Distance 15miles     Av Sp 20.0mph
To Home     Distance 20 miles     AV Sp 20.8mph

Weather report for both days suggested thunder storms. Nothing when I set off so I risked it and it paid off as no water fell on me. Wind was horrendous during the day and about 10mph during the night time journey home. Most of my leftover energy was used on the first commute, cadence lovely and high and with 11 mins worth of stoppages! Bloody traffic. Thats a lot of sprinting. That nights journey home I absolutely gave it my all.  No time to recover, no time for a breather. Cadence still high ish touching the 100 mark but when I stand it drops quite dramatically.

The last trip to work was murder.  No energy and battling through gales. really low cadence due to me not thinking straight and just hammering it out. Friday mornings trip home I was wrecked especially after 10miles. Needed to change tactic and pedal quicker than I usually do and things felt easier, just doesn't feel natural....yet, still putting in the strategic out of the saddle efforts.

Saturday Open Water Swim

Five Hours sleep later and I had to have a fight with yards of neoprene. Stupidly I thought I could emulate last weeks effort, however, then I was fresh, it was warm, and there were no waves. Spent the first lap straddling Jamie's wake. The outward leg was fine, just a gentle cross/head current but by the other side of the reservoir that had built up to 6inch waves. After lap one I ended about 10m behind Jamie but he was getting out and I was braving a second lap. I didn't want to do it at all but I had 35 mins to do it as we started a little early so ahead I went...alone. The conditions were getting a lot worse. Super windy. The return leg of the 2nd lap was like swimming in an ocean. Waves were close to 1ft+ high coming from the side. Breathing was getting difficult which Im usually strong at and I was swallowing a fair bit of water. The canoeists commented on how bad the conditions were and were struggling themselves to get anywhere and contol themselves. They called me mad for going out for another lap! Needless to say I was the only one.

Next bike ride is hopefully wednesday.

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