Monday, 9 May 2011

Just a Quickie

Distance 34 miles     Av SP 19.6mph

After the all out hard ride yesterday ( you'd never have guessed looking at average) I wanted to keep loose and the best way to do that is to go out and ride. Wind just as strong and unpredictable today and I reckon I got a big long gust close to 40mph on the way home. I had to more or less stop which I've never done before. Going North up Queens park Rd  I should have flown ( according to bbc weather and accu) but got cross/head winds. The hill has a big gradient and I only hit 25mph. Same story all the way around. Definitely worse heading South not just because of the Southerly wind but a N.Easterly too! Even sheltered areas didn't escape the wrath. Forgot my heart rate monitor but I was close to threshold all the way around witht he odd recovery bits. Could probably have made it to 50 before blowing up.
Cadence only dropped when I was out of the saddle which was every positive gradient I came across.
Putting tri bars on Jamis must have helped :) Another crap riding day. Oh, Traffic lights on Birch TT course have been removed so fingers crossed for Tues.

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