Friday, 18 December 2009

Bits and Pieces

FRIDAY 18th Dec

Footie day and it had snowed quite heavily but the roads were quite clear so I thought everyone would turn up as usual. Ended up 3 a side with a keeper who changed ends after every goal. I didn't stop running for over an hour and was shattered. No injuries or bad tackles for a change but I used the snow and placed it on my knee to keep any swelling down that might have emerged.


Another taster session was booked at 8.30am til 9.30 or so I thought! Arrived at 8.20 and the lady at the desk said I was late so hurry up and get on the track. Missus said the stuck up girl who she arranged it with said it started at 8.30! I did manage to get 35 minutes in and try out my new Sidi's which are nice and comfortable. Just rode in circles and joined a train and 1 or 2 sprints. Spoke to the lady afterwards and she offered me a free place on another taster. We got talking and apparently she has some sort of affiliation with Middleton cycling club and is attending the club dinner in February.

Before swimming with the tri club I went to the gym to do a quick 10mile Time Trial on the exercise bikes. I can feel the difference all the training is making but due to the strapping, was unable to pull up on the pedal. I averaged 2min 15secs a mile, completed in 21mins 46 secs. My previous best was....22.16! There wasn't a pool of sweat on the floor either, musn't have been trying too hard.

There wasn't really actually any proper swimming done just a big fun session where we all donned our baggiest trousers and t-shirts and put into 6 teams of 5. It was a series of relay races with a wacky twist. Props used were leprechaun hats, rudolph noses, foam dumb bells, surf boards, foam noodles, rubber rings and our imagination.

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