Saturday, 12 December 2009


I had to mention this because I can't believe I forgot. This should give Pantani a little chuckle. Steve's house is at the top of a very steep driveway must be 1 in 4 or 1 in 3, when I go down it I do the baby step shuffle, sideways, to get down which takes me a good few minutes. I had cleats on and bike in one hand and other hand clinging on for dear life onto the railings. Ste confidently shouted that I should get on my bike and ride down and commenced to show me how its done!. He got down the drive way easy enough then as he turned the handle bars the rear wheel slipped underneath him, the front slipped too and he went into a slide to next doors garden :) It looked really nasty but he got up and dusted himself down and limped onto the bike. He spent the next 5 mins mending the rear derailleur and attending to his bruises, shame I couldn't get my camera out in time.

Also my spending spree continues as Wiggle had a 1 day special on a pair of cycling shoes PLUS an extra £15 off which I have been eyeing up anyway. Typical! I had to order 2 sets as I don't have a clue how Sidi's sizing comes up. I have shimano 44's which are too big, I tried on specialized s-works 42 which fit great but just a tiny tiny bit tight width ways and the adidas adistar sl the velodrome uses are exactly same as the Specialized. I have ordered a 42 and 43 so see what happens, one set are easily sent back and refunded.

Pantani has also been giving me a few clues to what computer he is thinking of getting me for Chrimbo. It has HRM, Cadence, Altimeter and the usual gubbins. RRP is over £100 but he isn't paying anywhere near that....I hope! Its also supposed to have a colour scheme to match Jamis. I think I have it sussed but he still wont tell me. Shame coz if he doesnt he's getting an innertube!

Just at work now but not cycled in as it's a Saturday night, one of the busiest days of the year, crawling with piss eds. I value my bikes! doesn't matter bout my life.

When I get home from work on Sunday morning :( I had better get Jamis cleaned and lubed up as Sunday is looking like another sunny one. Thursday I have another taster session booked at Velodrome.

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