Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Christmas comes early, AGAIN.

Received my lovely pairs of Italian hand craftmanship, a Size 42 and 43 in Sidi's. I had been told they come up small so ordered 2 to try on just in case. Now I was a 42 in Specialized s-works, 42 in Shimano ( if only I knew earlier) and 42 in adidas. I am now a 42 in Sidi's. They look tiny and wrap extremely closely to the contours of my feet and could be mistaken for being a little small (width is spot on, toe volume needed a little push over, just worked with a finger, too much on the big toe side and not enough on the little toe.) but after walking round the house in them for a couple of hours there's no blood supply problems, aches or anything untoward. The ratchet system is more solid and responsive than the Shimano r085's, it also has a race micro switch to loosen the shoe when the feet expand/swell. Look Delta cleats fit perfectly with the supplied bits unlike the Shimanos which needed another 12 washers! There is a special 'heel cup' system which isn't adjustable on my pair but doesn't seem to need it. It behaves like 2 clips on the outside of the shoe that wrap around the thin achilles tendon bit to keep the heel positioned in the shoe when pulling up on the pedal. Not sure how effective it is but feels very very snug. I will use them at the velodrome 2 moz and will post any problems.


Figured I did need a rest day at some point so took Monday off. Tuesday I swam, 20 lengths warmup, a few one length sprints then 25m/50m/75m/100m/75m/50m/25m pyramid repeated twice where we were working to go faster up to the 100m then gently slow down. rest was 5 secs per length done so after 100m got 20 secs rest. More sprints followed. Nothing too strenuous tonight which I appreciated.


Not many at the track which is a disappointing, it was cold but perfect for running. I always do my best to support the triclub or anything I get involved in, work permitting. Five of us altogether and I started with a 2 mile warmup. 200m gentle jog/200m fast eight times. Main set was 5 x 400m at 5km pace with 75sec/60sec/45/30 then 90secs rest and repeated twice so 6km there. Last set was to go faster and faster with each 400m. I thought i would have to give up during the warmup as I ate so much at pizza hut and finished off with the cookie and ice cream and started to get a stitch. It wasn't as bad as last week and managed to run through the pain. It eventually went and came and went but on the last 400m I gave it my all. I had been doing 1min 35's/1min37's and 1 min39s on the 400s quite consistently but managed to do 1min 17 on the last one and collapsed, gasping for breath but recovered quick enough to join the others in a 2 lap warm down and stretch. Knee is doing well and I felt much much better running these days, might be the bouncy track surface. Legs are not filling with lactic as quick and so my recovery rate is improving.

Reading Trio's blog and encouragement from some tri club guys I have registered for the Heaton Park runs on Saturday mornings which consist of a 5km timed run and its free! So hopefully, injury permitting ( playing footie on Fri) I will run this coming Saturday. Hoping to do 25mins or less which I would be very pleased to achieve. That's 1km every 5mins, 100m in 30 seconds, 400m in 2mins. Its do-able. I don't want to do too much running too soon but I really want to see the progress I am making on paper. After that I'll take a week or so off from running.

Apparently my Chrimbo pressie from Pantani has arrived in his post but he wont divulge anything. I have also been looking at upgrading my frame, somebody please give me a big slap before I buy anything else.

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