Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Getting tired

Two rest days since July 1st is just about starting to take its toll I think. Had a fairly easy week last week cycling wise but did a fair amount of running and lots of heavy and repetative weights. The session on Sunday really took it out on me and so I started this week going to take it easy.

Then came the shitty wind. My god its bad. Every morning it has started as a Southerly/Westerly turned to a Westerly then ended up NorthWesterly which basically means a full on head/cross on the way to work and back home. I thought it was really dense air that had caused the draggy feel, it still possibly is, but the gusts are really high and from North and South West/ West. Yesterday the flags didn't have a clue where they were going, left , right, forward, backwards and with some force. I think the air is super dense and the force of the wind is exaggerated. EVen a relatvietly nice day like today didn't stop the wind. Only 14km/h winds but gusts of 50km/h. Wind speed only low as it takes into consideration the direction of other winds.

Just couldn't take it easy as 1) Didn't do the time trial due to raining and the shit wind would have made times embarassing. 2) Didn't feel like I was moving.

I've really gone for it, somethimes ignorning the pain but the low heart rates compared to my perceived effort suggest I'm fatigu -ed/-ing. Fairly good speeds Wed as I was on Scottie with her nice aero position and drafted a bit. Wanted to do a Sportive on Sunday but I'm not sure if its worth the aggro from the weather.

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